Friday, July 27, 2007

Really? How dumb are you?

Jay and I were watching t.v. last night, when we saw a commercial for a product I deem unnecessary for too many reasons to name. How much money are we going to waste on products that if you had any common sense, you wouldn't need? Honestly.

Here is what any woman with half a brain should KNOW to ask herself:

Do you itch? Yes.
Do you have unusual discharge? Yes.
Do people smell you before you walk into a room? Yes.

DING DING DING Give the girl a prize, she has a yeast infection and should rush to her doctor for a prescription NOW. Or just go buy one of the many other over-the-counter Vagisil products out there. Do you really need a kit that costs $15 to tell you to go buy another kit that costs another $15?

You know those asshats at Vagisil are laughing their asses off all the way to the bank. "Oh, those woman, they are too stupid to know when they have a yeast infection. Let's make up a product that tells them they have one, even though if they are that dumb, they deserve the extra helping of cheese on their taco. If we make it, they will buy it. And we know their husbands won't say anything, because, really, men just don't want to know that type of thing."

And men don't. Jay flinches whenever this type of commercial comes on. And feminine products, wow, I've NEVER EVER seen a man change a channel that fast in my life. And if he is eating while one comes on, plate goes down, and he turns a little green. He especially likes the commercial by Kotex with the red period dot. That gets him every time.


Dan said...

I think I just lost my appetite.

Just kidding! Just kidding! :)

blog Portland said...

I'd hardly say I go green, but how can I not flinch at those things? They always start off with a sexy woman doing something innocuous, like reading a book or chopping vegetables. Just when they've got you thinking, "hey, what's this sexy lady doing?" BAM! She starts going off about all the mushrooms on her fur burger.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I love tacos.

captain corky said...

I hide under the couch when those kinds of commercials come on.

Thanks for stopping by the log and welcome to the family. ;)

Yoda said...

Yeast infection? I just saw a commercial y'day about a product that you insert within yourself and that ATTACKS the yeast where its at!

I felt a bit weak and the hot n spicy chicken wings tasted like rubber. Ewww!

Thanks for stopping by!

Christie said...

Dan- Join the crowd. I'm a woman and those things gross me out.

BP- Fur burger? Really. That is lacking in imagination for you, isn't it?

Dyck- Nice. You would make any woman proud

Captain- So do my brothers. Have you seen them, tall, blond, look a little gay?

Yoda- Me thinks you know a little too much about yeast infections and how to cure them. Don't ever let on to other woman that you know about them. You will go from "boyfriend" to "boy friend" pretty quick.

Nocturnal said...

I have Jay's back on this one. It never fails, PMS commercials always seem to surface every fucking time I'm eating spaghetti.

Yoda said...

Blame the TV commercials for that!!! I was just trying to get my daily dose of National Geographic!

I'm already "boy friend" to many girls, and I do not want to add any more to that list, no thank you!

Jenny! said...

I did market research for the Kotex red dot!

I find that the douching products are fucking sick too...and the actual Vagisil pills...when they show them...are shaped like little eggs...don't know why, but the shape really fucking grosses me out!

Thank god, I know how to keep the cooch don't need all that fancy stuff...just a hose!

minijonb said...

when that stuff comes on the tube, i have to switch it to something sports related. i'll even watch ASSCAR... anything to get my manhood back in order.


Michelle said...

I think our husbands must be twins. That damn Kotex red dot gets him too.

Ok...word verification is cooockxf.

Christie said...

Nocturnal: Of course they come on when you are eating. That is their plan. Haha!

Yoda: Admit it, you were watching Lifetime. They don't show that shit on National Geographic.

Jenny: I never realized that. I always thought they looked like Jordan almonds and kinda tasty. Wait, that is totally gross!

minijonb: Asscar, huh? So do you instantly spurt a mullet on your head and a beer gut?

Michelle: Welcome aboard the Crazy Train! Poor guys. At least us woman don't have to worry about some gross guy commercial, like a used condom being thrown across the room to promote Trojans. That would make me vomit instantly!