Sunday, July 29, 2007

Lame, yet fun

I finally feel well enough to venture out, but I lack the enthusiasm to do anything. Do you ever get that feeling?

Friday night, I played Lego Star Wars II with Mason, took turns wearing the Optimus Prime Helmet with Evan, and watched Meet Strawberry Shortcake with My Princess. Then I cleaned the house while they beat each other up upstairs (it is so easy to ignore the screams when the vacuum is on, isn't it?).

Once that was done, it was p.j. time and I could finally watch Bobby. It isn't a super great movie, but I still liked it. I love anything that has to do with the Kennedy's. Maybe because when I was little, my daddy told me how he wrote a huge term paper on them and found out all these cool facts about the JFK assassination. Like, did you know that all the hospital staff that directly worked on JFK died or was killed within a year of his death? Me thinks I smell a cover-up, people.

Since I cannot sleep until my husband comes home, I stayed up and watched crappy television until he finally returned at 2 in the morning. He was busy working at the Brew Festival and then went out with some friends. We talked for a bit, went to bed, and he fell asleep pretty quick. I, on the other hand, just laid there. I couldn't sleep at all. My chest hurt from so much coughing. I took a long hot shower, played on the computer (some of you may notice comments left at 3:00 in the morning), and finally fell asleep at 4 a.m., and was woken up by The Princess at 9:00.

Saturday was spent lounging around the house until I picked up my friends kids so the oldest one could baby-sit while Jay and I worked at the Brew Festival. But we decided not to go since Jay's supervisor the night before was a douchbag. Instead, we went to Funland (I don't think that is the name, but they should change it to that cause I said) and bowled 2 games. I did awesome for me (especially since I wasn't drinking. I get better when I drink). But Jay beat me both times. I did break 100 on the second game though, and I was so happy! Then we went to the arcade and played some bloody shooting games, and then went to the batting cages. Can I tell you, I MISS PLAYING SOFTBALL SO MUCH! I do, I really do. I played catcher for 6 years when I was younger, and I was pretty good. It was totally worth getting horrible knee problems. Then we headed to Fred Meyer to pick up crap, I mean, household necessities. Once home, we ate, put the 3 younger kids to bed, and then taught my friends 2 older children how to gamble. I am proud to say Alyson and Alexis can now play Blackjack and Roullete thanks to my husband and I (OK, so it was more Jay teaching than me, but whatever).

Today so far, I have made zucchini muffins (or bikini muffins as The Princess pronounces them) and had fun hanging out with my kids and my friends'. Jann's kids are so much fun. Aaron is 6 and good friends with my oldest son, Mason. Alexis is my girl, she loves Harry Potter so we are taking her to see it in the theaters. I think she is Jay's favorite, those two are so funny when they hang out. And then there's Alyson. She's 13, and just an all around great kid. Responsible, but fun, and I totally trust her with my offspring. Her mom owns the daycare I work at, so I know she can handle the kids and is prepared to administer CPR if one of the kids finally manages to knock the other one out. We are getting ready to go swimming soon and then I will drop them off at their dad's.

OH, and guess who got her first loveletter in the mail????? Can you guess? MY 3 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!! I am serious. Of course, my little hussy mailed one to him first, but still, he responded. Jack and Kenzie have been "in love" since meeting at preschool. They "love" each other and talk about each other constantly. When they leave each other after a playdate, they actually KISS ON THE MOUTH and hug each other, then call out "I love you". I am so screwed. And you may wonder how Jay is taking this, being that we only have 1 daughter and she is his angel and sweetie? Well, he is calmer than I would have thought, but I know he is sweating the situation a little. I mean, she is only 3. Are we going to get a call from the principals office when she is in kindergarten for making out on the playground? She is totally nutso crazy for this boy. What do you think? Have any of you had to deal with this yet? Don't you think she is way too young for this? I feel like I am way too young to be dealing with this as a mother.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Damn, your daughter sounds like a little slut! Tell her to give me a call when she turns 12.

captain corky said...

"I finally feel well enough to venture out, but I lack the enthusiasm to do anything. Do you ever get that feeling?"

Only for the last 15 years or so... ;)

Is there really such a thing as crappy television? I think you need to reevaluate your position.

No love letters for Max yet... but I'm sure they'll come soon enough!

Christie said...

Dyckerson- Ooooo, I'm telling Jay on you.

Captain- Yes, bad t.v. is Star Trek and infomercials. I hold them on the same level. Don't hate me, I'm still a geek for Star Wars.

blog Portland said...

You forgot to add how I rocked the face off of Star Wars Trilogy at the arcade.

After re-reading that sentence, I can see why you left it out.

Christie said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. You beat me at Arcade Star Wars. I also came close to getting my ass handed to me by our 4 1/2 year old when I took him bowling yesterday. I did manage to beat our 3 year old daughter by 20 whole points, though.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Ah, give your daughter a few years and then boys will be yucky again. But be prepared for when she turns 13. That's when I almost killed my father. He's still kicking, but I think his nerves are shot.

I think you should post your zucchini muffin recipe. I looooove zucchini, especially when they come in muffin form.

P.S. I linked your blog on my blog! Hope it's ok.

Crystal said...

my nephew had a girlfriend from the time he was 3 until the time he was 6. she was a year younger than him. her name was taylor (pronounced by him as tater) and she was jealous! when he was 5, she went with her mom to pick up my nephew from school and saw him talking to another girl so when they got back to the house, she took him in her room for a "private conversation". he wasn't the same when he emerged. they wound up breaking up when he was 6.

just teach your daughter to punch him in the stomach and you'll have nothing to worry about.

Christie said...

Crystal: Stomach? I told her to go straight for the balls. Us Ferris woman don't mess around. Ask Jay, one step outta line, and BAM, Sigfrid and Roy get a 1-2 punch.