Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Maybe I'm back, but we'll see

After a long, looooong weekend, I am finally off a lot of my medications. It only took me being rushed to the hospital via ambulance for someone to realize that a lady with a freaking ulcer should not be taking 7 medications multiple times a day. Without going into too much detail, because I barely remember half of it, I'll just say that my husband thought he was going to be the Widower Ferris at our kids first day of school.

After surgery, I got an infection that they were treating with very strong antibiotics. They had to be taken multiple times a day, and even with food, I could feel my stomach, and ulcer, acting up. By Saturday, I was down for the count. After a huge lecture from the doctor who treated me at the E.R., I tried very hard to take all of the pills on Sunday. And failed. But still felt like death.

Monday I was told to stop taking the antibiotics. Awesome. I was also taken off the pills that made me feel like a stroke patient.

Now it's Wednesday, and I'm already feeling much better. My stomach and ulcer are still a little pissed, but I can feel them calming down.

Jay has been awesome during the whole thing. He has cooked and cleaned the kitchen daily, and even did laundry when he found that there was really no laundry fairy delivering towels to the hall closet (it takes 2 hand towels to dry a 6'7" man, btw). But he said the gig is up on Friday, and I can take the damn kitchen back. Oh, well. I still have 2 more days.


Kelly said...

<3 you. I'm so glad you are ok!!

Monkey Girl said...

So glad you're feeling better.

Beth said...

oh honey...what a nightmare. I am so sorry that you had to go through all that crap...and meds...and er doctors and everything else.

But you ARE on the mend, right? and who knew a 6'7" man could even dry off with just TWO hand towels!!!!


Christie said...

Kels: <3 you, too. Thanks!

Monkey: Me, too. Thank you.

Beth: It was a nightmare, luckily, I was the one down so I don't remember much. I am on the mend. Just being off those pills is a huge relief to me and my body. I am actually making ice cream today and ran some errands. Life must go on.

Christie said...

Beth: P.S. There were only 2 hand towels left, he had no other option.

Jay Ferris said...

I could have made it work with two washcloths had there been more spinning involved.