Monday, June 29, 2009

If no one else will say it, I will.

I don't give a fuck that Michael Jackson died.

There, I said it. Rant and rave all you want now.

OK, so honestly, a week ago, I'm sure all of us said these words, somehow strung together to make a funny ass joke: Michael Jackson, penis, little boys, freak of nature.

So what, now that he's dead, we are all supposed to forget he liked to fuck around with little boys? Do we forget all that and put up tributes to him all over like he was a damn saint?

Let's keep it real here, folks. None of you would leave your kid alone with that guy for one second. None of you. Admit it. Be honest. I feel a little safer knowing one less child molester is walking around.

I am so right and you all know it.

I get that he was HUGE as hell. In the fucking 80's, people, get the fuck over it. He had a blip of fame in the 90's, but honestly, he's been mostly a joke, literally, since Bad came out.

I know he was found "not guilty", but what about the other kids he bought off. We all know he did something, although we may argue what that "something" was.

Let's get some facts straight right now.

  1. He admittedly let little boys, not of his family, sleep in his bed.
  2. He lived on Neverland Ranch. Hello, Peter Pan complex.
  3. He had an amusement park in his back yard.
  4. He had a pet monkey name Bubbles.
  5. He purposely did that to his face. Again, ON FUCKING PURPOSE!
  6. He wore pajamas to court.
  7. He danced on his fucking car. Like a jackass.
  8. He hung his baby out a window.
  9. He made me vomit when he showed PDA with Lisa Marie on live t.v.
  10. He made his kids wear masks.
  11. He named his children after himself. All 3 of them have Michael somewhere in there.

I don't hate the guy for all those reasons, I dislike him for most of them, though.

I am sad that those poor kids lost their dad. Now they are stuck with a whole lot of fucked up family members. Or that waste of space Debbie Rowe. The bright side is that they may be able to ditch the masks.


captain corky said...

I feel like your bullet points weren't fair to Michael cause you didn't even mention the Moon Walk one time.

Christie said...

Cork, I don't hate or dislike the moon walk, that's why it wasn't added. Goof.

Jay Ferris said...

Am I to understand that pop superstar doesn't cancel out pedophile? Because I think R. Kelly was trying to follow his lead...

Sassy Blondie said...

Latest report is that HE NEVER LEGALLY ADOPTED THOSE KIDS and is NOT THEIR BIOLOGICAL FATHER! WTF?? These kids are most likely already fucked up enough, now they will really have issues because they have no idea where the hell they came from!

And BTW-After all the stuff the kids have written about their father, Joe Jackson, how in fucking hell does a judge give his wife and him custody of these kids? Plus, they are like 100 yrs old!! AAARGH!

(Whew! Okay...I'm calmer now...but those poor babies...)

Monkey Girl said...

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

My girlfriend and I were just saying the same thing.

I wouldn't wish death upon anybody (except maybe my MIL...oooh that's harsh) but he was a pedophile...AND the only reason he wasn't already in jail was because he PAID off the victims.

Now, honestly, I wasn't a Micheal Jackson fan to begin with. Yes, I grew up in the 1970's and early 80's but I was more a Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, Cat Stevens kinda girl.

Beth said...

amen sista!!!!

let's get real people...whilc he was alive, all he was was a freak. Now that he's dead, we want to put him on a thrown. whatever.

I would have NEVER EVAH left my kids alone with him...EVAH!!!

and as Katt Williams says, "no Michael, I don't climb fuckin TREES, I have a JOB mutha fucker"!!!

Alex said...

To be quite honest, I'm neutral on this whole issue.

Michael Jackson did some great things back in the 80's, but in my generation (I'm 21 years old; you do the math), he spent more time destroying his image than he did building it. D:

random moments said...

Oh! How did I miss this?? This is such a beautiful post Christie. haha! I feel the same about this whole MJ deal and if one more person posts something like RIP Michael, the King of Pop you are a hero! one more time, I am going to karate chop them in the face.