Sunday, May 31, 2009

You. Must. Go. Here.

Alright, ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, you simply MUST go visit my husband over at his page. I promise, you will not be disappointed AT ALL!

His month of torture is almost up, and although it has been nice sharing some of my favorite movies with him (Twilight and Sex and the City, being the highlights), I feel that I have been tortured as well. No one, and I truly mean this from the bottom of my heart, should ever have to sit through Mama Mia!. Listening to poor James Bond sing was torturous and mean. The U.S. should use that as their new form of punishment, without a doubt. I am not supposed to drink, and I figured puking up blood was worth it if the liquor could numb the pain in my eyes and ears. I'm not even kidding.

We did go out on Friday night. We saw Star Trek and ate at Bada Sushi. I was not that excited to watch Star Trek, but thought Jay deserved a movie that did not include women bitching about men and fucking up their lives for men and stuff. But I was quite surprised with how much I enjoyed this film. Jay was so happy, and that made the night even better for me. And the sushi we had before the movie was great. We are never disappointed with Bada. They have the best Las Vegas rolls. We also went to Central Market and loaded up my very large purse with sodas, Pocky, gummy candy, and Moonstruck chocolates. I refuse to be ass raped by the movie theater by spending $20 on a small popcorn, soda, and candy. We ended our night rocking out to Rock Band. I fucking rock, by the way.

Unfortunately, Jay did not get lucky, since Aunt Flow tidal waved into our lives. I spent all of Saturday flat on the couch, curled up with a heating pad and downing 6 222's at a time. I could not even walk without crying because the pain in my lower back and lady region was so painful. I tried starting dinner, and ended up throwing myself into Jay's lap in tears. He was nice enough (and maybe a bit scared enough) to offer to make dinner so I could have a lie down. I woke up off and on throughout the night to move the heating pad from my back to my front. Dressing up my husband was the highlight of my whole day.

Today, after I finish up some work for my friend, Melissa, and Jay mows the lawn and cleans the bathroom, we are packing the kids and a picnic lunch into the car to drive to the beach. We all deserve some time outside in the beautiful weather. If only my cramps would fuck off, I'd feel much better about leaving the couch.


Kelly said...

I know you can eventually get on the same schedule as your friends, but come on! We have never even met in person and you are affecting when my freaking hell visitor comes! Thanks for that. (Yes, I'm totally blaming you for my cramps this month. Deal with it.)

Your date night sounds so fun! And I agree with you about the movie theater. I try to get my big purse out for movie night. They are ridiculous!

Beth said...

awww hon....killer cramps are the worst. but at least you had a nice time with mister. and he CLEANS THE BATHROOM????!!! girl, you have GOT to tell me how you get him to do this!!!


captain corky said...

"We saw Star Trek and ate at Bada Sushi."

Sounds like Heaven to me. Glad you guys really, really loved it like I did.

Sassy Blondie said...

Cramps suck it! Stupid lady stuff...and I don't even have any kids to show for dropping all these eggs over the years! Fuck!