Friday, May 29, 2009

Should we spend or save it?

So my mommy gave Jay and I $100 for our wedding anniversary. I personally think she made a bet with someone that we wouldn't make it that long since we bicker (or fight, depending on who you ask) 24-7 and call each other dirty, foul names. But, whatever, she gave it to us, so I don't care.

Well, the thing is, we really, really should put it in the bank and use it to pay bills or buy food. I mean, we are a single family home, and we've got these 3 kids that seem to think they NEED to eat 3 meals a day, plus snacks. And they seem to enjoy sleeping indoors, and having lights and a t.v., so the responsible thing to do would be to put it towards stuff like that.

But my husband works his ass off 5 days a week and then comes home and writes for another company (that is 3 weeks behind in paying him one check, and 2 days late on another check, and probably will be late on the next check, and if I could get away with writing a whole blog about how shitty and dumb this company is and how I would go totally postal on the lying bitchbags that work for this shithole, I totally would), and then he's been watching a whole month of vagina movies to make you all happy, and then blogging about it. You get the point, my husband is busy busy busy to put organic fruits and veggies on the table for our family. He deserves a night off with his awesome wife.

And I have had a lot going on, too. The life of a stay at home mom is spent mostly in the car. Like today I delivered 50 soccer balls to the Shoreline schools because that is what my job on the board is. And I still have to write up templates for my best friends business and get approval before posting them. And I need to bake cookies to take to my friend who is so kindly watching my spawn so I can go out with my tired, over-worked husband, and maybe put out. I've painted 66 hands in kindergarten to make fish shirts for a field trip, baby-sat kids, attended a fitness night at a local school so I could hand out flyer's for our soccer club, and I've also been looking into summer programs for our kids, along with calling and filling out forms for the classes they'll take.

We deserve this night out. We never go anywhere without our kids. Unless you count the grocery store, but that is usually just me. And that is just sad that I consider the grocery store my escape from the kids, right. And my mom said to spend it on something for us.

And Jay really wants to see Star Trek, he's been waiting oh so patiently, and had put it aside thinking he would have to wait until it came out on DVD before he could see it. And I really really really want to have a dinner I didn't make.

Like sushi from Bada Sushi. Mmmmmm, Las Vegas rolls.

What do you think? Spend it on me and my man by doing a real date night just for us, to celebrate the fact we are still together and neither has killed the other yet?

Or put it in the bank and save it?

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Kelly said...

so glad you did the date instead. It's money well spent hunny!