Friday, May 1, 2009

More pics from CatchCon!

I was supposed to wait for Jay to go through them, but he is very busy growing a vagina this month, so I'm posting some picture anyway. He doesn't have time to stop me, so there! Besides, they are of me with the guys, and there are plenty of other pictures for him to use.

I also met Captain Andy and Russell, from the Time Bandit and got their autographs. I will try and scan in my Catchcon pass, which is what I had everyone sign. They were all great, and I am so happy that we got to go. I am crossing my fingers that we get to go again next year as well.

This is the chairs the Captains were sitting in during the question and answer part of the day. Jay had his picture taken first, and some security came up and were asking us to move, so I jumped into the chair and ignored them, then we jumped off stage and took off. Haha security!

Yes, I consider Captain Keith the biggest Jackass out all the captains, but him and his brother, Monty, were nice enough to pose with me, even after Jay told him I thought he was a dick, so as long as he knows I know he knows, we're cool.

You are looking at the deck of The Wizard and the Northwestern in the back. They are a lot smaller up close than you would think. Jay and I were looking at them and trying to wonder how they managed a full crew, a full deck of pots, AND a camera crew on them. I managed to trip at least 5 times on the decks, on a docked boat. How the hell they stay upright in the rolling waves is beyond me.

Me with Matt from the Northwester. He was very nice and happy to have his pictures taken with people.

Mike Fortner, from the Time Bandit, Me, and Travis Lofland from The Wizard.

Jay and I on the deck of the Northwestern. Yes, I know he's tall and I know I'm short.

And, last but not least, here is me with Captain Phil Harris from the Cornelia Marie. He was very nice and funny, as you can tell from the previously posted blog picture.


Monkey Girl said...

We love the show Deadliest's great! I had no idea they were in town. Great pics.

Kelly said...

HA! You totally crack me up! The line about Jay growing a vagina is great!

Beth said...

girl you crack me up! you are such a dork! ;)