Monday, April 27, 2009

Long, but so worth your time!

Here are my children making us proud.

Just so you know:

Evan has allergies, which is why he is rubbing his nose so much. Apparently we forgot the Benadryl that morning and we were coming home from the park. And, he is fidgety just like Jay and me. We are real "movers and shakers", literally. Neither of us can ever sit still.

Kenzie is, well, she is a big talker. She loves to talk more than anything. So the fact that she was "talking without talking" is huge. Notice it didn't last long.


random moments said...

Okay so I feel a little bad about ribbing y'all in the last comment (when did I become so obnoxious anyway?)

Seriously though, you two have some cute kiddos. I love how they look at each other like Sing This Part LOUD! And uh, definitely a good song choice!

Beth said...




I cannot believe how cute they are! and Evan is SO serious about singing too....andhis little shoulder dancing! Boy's got it goin on!!!!

That is just the cutest thing I have ever seen! and I love that they know all the words to Bon Jovi!!!!!

Judy said...

What can I say. . . they get it from Nanna!!!!!!

Toryssa said...

The best part is "if you don't sleep in my room, I'm gonna bother you for... a WEEK!"

They are awesome.

Kelly said...

LMAO! that was so cute! You guys really brainwash the hell out of em, don't ya? ;-)

They are the cutest! I love that they have a dance routine and everything!

Caffeinatrix said...

I love that little shoulder shakey thing your son does when he sings "for looooove" Very cute...definitely one for the archives.