Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day to me.....and you, too, I guess.

Here you have my new focal point, Edward, who is now watching me sleep (yeah!), the flowers and Mom posters Mason made me, Evan's iris, the poster from Evan and Kenzie, then on the table, you can see my Twilight books (minus New Moon, which Kendall is borrowing), my lotions, cards, my Wonder Woman action figures, my favorite candy bars (Twix, Whatchamacallit, Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, 100 Grand, and a dark chocolate bar with cocoa nibs), my "F" stationary, leftover juice, tape, cell, pictures of Jay and I kissing, and my Wonder Woman coffee cup.

See the candles on the ends, those are from Mason. There was a lavender one as well, but that is over by the bed. They all smell different and yummy. You can also see the pictures of Jay and I the day we got married, me and Melissa at the beach, our kids when Kenzie was 6 weeks old, Evan was almost 1, and Mason had just turned 5, then Jay and McLean at Disney World, and then some mixed pics of the family.

Although my Mother's Day started at 3:15 in the morning by my lovely daughter, it was still a good day. Since I had yet to fall asleep when she came into our room crying, I got up to take care of her so my half-drunk husband could sleep off the beer and be somewhat helpful in the morning. I gave her medicine for her tummy ache and held her hand while she went #3, then we went to the couch to snuggle and watch cartoons on demand (thank you, Comcast). After another bout of #3, we curled up again, but within 15 minutes, she sat up and started doing the heaving thing, so I lifted her quickly and I half carried her to the bathroom. Of course, she started puking the minute I stood up, and continued to puke when she fell over, then all over herself and her hair when I finally got her to the toilet. Poor thing was crying and puking, and I felt so horrible for her. Once she stopped, I told her I would be right back and ran to get Jay. I flipped on the bedroom light, told him I needed him right now because Kenzie was sick, and he jumped up to help out. He cleaned the puky carpets while I bathed her and got her comfy in bed, watching Monsters, Inc. By this time it was 5:00 in the morning, and we went back to bed until 7:30, when Evan was very eager to show me his gift he made in school. Then Mason brought in his gift, and then I opened the gifts Jay had got me from the kids. Which included the Twilight Edward poster. Poor guy, I think he died a little when he gave it to me. He said as long as it wasn't somewhere I could stare at it during sex, it was OK. And come Father's Day, it will probably have a mate on the wall. I did remind him that the kids come into our room often, so no pornographic pictures could be up there, and although this may have upset him, he didn't let it show (much).


Beth said...

OHMYGOD!!!!! You are so damn lucky!!!! that was an awesome Mother's Day even if it DID include lots of puking. I hope Kenzie feels better...and damn, girl! I'd put that somewhere so I COULD look at it during sex!!!

Kelly said...

Aww poor Kenzie! Is she feeling better now?

Sounds like your hubby loooooves yoooouu!