Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Taking advantage of the situation

Can I just say, first off, that I am so much happier when the sun is out and I can leave my backdoor and windows open all day long. I would be perfectly content with 65-75 degree weather all the time.

And while it's been nice, we've taken advantage of it. On Saturday, I went out with Amy to hunt up bar stools for one of her clients, and we took the time to drive around Lake Washington. It was awesome. Later that day, we took the kids to Richmond Beach on the Puget Sound, and it was so very nice then, too.

View of the Sound from Richmond Beach

Evan jumping off some driftwood

Kenzie and I walking through the driftwood

We found a driftwood fort on the beach

I have no idea what this is for, but the kids liked climbing on it

Playing frisbee

Playing on the swings

More swinging

Driving home, windows open!

This is how pictures are taken of me, on the sly!

The next day, Jay ran into work for a few hours to finish up a project, and while he did that, I took the kids to play at Warren G. Magnuson Park. First, though, we took Charlie to the dog park and he played for about an hour. He was in puppy heaven! It has been months since the poor guy has been able to play with other dogs. Being white and pretty much a sissy dog, muddy dog parks don't mix well with him. He played so hard, he pretty much slept the rest of the day. Then it was off to the kids park and they ate lunch and played for another half hour before it was home to rest. Once Jay was home, we ate and then decided to walk the kids. They were on some sugar high or something, but holy hell, they could not sit still! So we walked to a field near us to play frisbee until it was home to prepare Evan for his first day back to school.

Monday brought more b. e. a.u.tiful sunshine. Kenzie and I put Evan on the bus and then took a walk. Once Evan was home, it was time for lunch and a good teeth brushing so Evan could go to the dentist to fill a cavity and get sealants on his molars. Poor guy was terrified. But they strapped the gas on and he was fine. Once home, he laid down for awhile, ate a little dinner and changed for swim class. Once we put the rugrats to bed, Jay and I played Rock Band, which I bought my hubs about a week ago. I was awesome on drums, thank you very much.

Evan strapped up to Mommy's favorite thing, Nitric

Today is the last warm and sunny day, unfortunately. Tomorrow should be sunny, but much colder. And then it's on to overcast weather, rain, and guess what, snow. Fuck yeah. Who doesn't like snow on Easter?

Me, that's who. Mother Nature is still a big old bitch.


Brooklyn said...

That picture of Evan is awesome.

Beth said...

yes she is! I woke up to snow today, and hated it. and I love the driftwood fort! that is so cool!

Now send Charlie to me....I want him.

raino said...

neat fort on the beach.

Kelly said...

snow sucks. I hate it. I hate winter. I want spring weather already dammit!

I'm sorry. I'm bitter about it. Pass the nitric!

Jay said...

Whenever I see that picture of Evan, Kenny Loggins' Danger Zone immediately starts playing in my head.

Sassy Blondie said...

We're getting storms on Easter...of course, I usually sleep in. I do my duty with midnight Mass so that I can.

Don't judge me.

Crystal said...

puff, puff, give, evan. puff, puff, give.