Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I found my next hometown part 2

OK, you people better appreciate the fact that I just uploaded a shit-ton of pictures, and a video, to the bitch we know as Blogger.

This video is taken at South Beach. It was beautiful, but obviously windy as fuck.

Evan and Kenzie in Anacortes, waiting to load the ferry.

Our first view when pulling out of Anacortes, before the wind and rain forced us inside.

Holding onto our hats because the wind was crazy! The shut the deck down right after.

More scenic views from the ferry, I think this is Lopez Island.

Walking to the lookout point at the park.

Kenzie and Micah walking down to the beach.

Hello, Edward! That is Vancouver, BC, where they are filming New Moon.

Checking out the smooth bark of the Madrona Tree.

Kenzie and Micah

Micah helping Kenzie down the rocks.

My future house, the views would be awesome!

The Strait of Juan de Fuca, in August the whales come thru here on their way to Alaska.

Hiking to the Lime Kiln lighthouse.

Lime Kiln Lighthouse

Me and the kids, Kenzie was terrified up on the rocks.

San Juan Park, this is the view my cousin had from his house growing up.

Can you spot the 2 crabs? There were also hundreds of babies, but I could barely see them.

This tree was struck my lighting in the middle, but grew back together. The kids could walk threw it.

Looking down onto the water at San Juan Park.

Hiking to where we ate lunch.

I loved this tree, it was so pretty!

There were seals on the rocks, you can see Vancouver in the distance.

The view inland.

We played in these tide pools and found some great sea life.

Like this cute sand crab!

Kenzie and Micah found shelter at South Beach.

Evan found a "sword".

Hitting and throwing rocks into the sea.

Walking to 4th of July Beach, which is less than 1/2 a mile from South Beach.

Beautiful, sunny weather right at 4th of July Beach. The difference was amazing.

The Doctor's Office, a cute, yet little, bakery right on the waterfront.

Wandering the docks in Friday Harbor.

The kids and Micah on a statue of Popeye, the one eyed seal that lives in the harbor.

Evan did not like being interrupted from eating his pizza!


Kelly said...

Gorgeous! Seriously gorgeous!

Jay said...

So. Many. Photos. Good thing you caught Blogger having a decent day.

Beth said...

girl, these photos are fabulous! but DANG it looks cold!

your kids are cute, yada yada yada....NOW lets get to the important stuff/.....

DID YOU SEE EDWARD IN ANY OF THOSE TREES? If you do, and he's will that bitch Bella, throw a rock at her or something, kidnap Edward, go to a hotel and then CALL ME!!!!! We'll take'll share, right?