Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time with family

My cousin, Micah, came to visit for the first time in years. Honestly, I think the last time I saw him, we were juniors in high school. He is my dad's brother's son, you know, the dad I have that is so not a dad to me. Well, it apparently runs in the family, because my uncle is so not a dad to Micah, either.

Anyways, Micah and I are less than a year apart, and whenever we got together, we always got along great. We always got each other, and it was so nice to have someone my own age around for once.

So his girlfriend, Caitlin, and him stopped by for an hour or so on Saturday on their way to Portland to visit his sister, Anna. Then on their way home on Monday, they stopped by again. He wanted to take my kids to the Sound Garden at Warren G. Magnuson Park on Lake Washington, since he hadn't been there since he was 15, and thought the kids would enjoy it. So off we went, picking Jay up at work on the way. We got out and walked the trail, but the gate was locked from the park to the garden. We finally found someone that said we had to go onto NOAA land (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), go through security (we all had to hand over identification before we could pass), and then were so kindly allowed to head to the garden. Which is were Soundgarden the band got their name.

It was super duper windy, but you could hear the eery sound of the wind on the sound maker things (I have no clue what they are called, I'm sure you do, but so what). There was also a bridge there that had Moby Dick quotes on it, which was pretty cool. We will definitely take the kids back during the summer when it isn't so damn cold.

On the way home, I asked if they wanted to crash at our house instead of hurrying off to catch the 8:30 ferry back to Friday Harbor. They accepted the offer, thankfully, because I was not ready to see my cousin leave. Thankfully, I had made Guinness stew for dinner (the kids, of course, won't touch it, so there was plenty for everyone). Then after the kids were in bed, we played Guitar Hero. Micah and I were reluctant to sing, but we made a deal that we would each sing if the other did.

The next morning, they took off around 8:00, which is when the kids, dog, and I took off to catch Evan's bus. But we agreed that we would head up to the San Juan's soon to see him, and he agreed to come back down for a weekend away.

I had a wonderful time with him. I can't wait to head up to the islands to visit with him. Kenzie and Evan loved having him over, and Micah promised to take them to his favorite whale watching spot this summer to check out the whales.

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Beth said...

awwww, what a nice visit! I had a cousin that I was close to a brother to me. He passed away years ago, but I still dream about him and miss him like crazy.

and whale watching???! how cool is THAT???!