Monday, March 9, 2009

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't it March?♦

I know they say that March is supposed to be cold, but I thought it was more a windy cold. A wet kind of cold.


When Evan said to me "Mom, come check out the window! It looks so cool outside!" I was crossing my fingers for sun. But, hell no! Snow. Mother-fucking-snow.

Yesterday, we had a balmy 50+ outside, warm enough that we could be on a terrace over-looking Puget Sound without coats on. Within the hour, rain clouds were over the Sound. Within another half an hour, snow was over the city, while SUN was over the Sound. Only in Washington State would this shit happen. What the hell is going on?

I am sick to damn death of below freezing temperatures in March. I am tired of my son being stuck at home because there is no AM kindergarten. He will be in school until July if this keeps ups. He already has a week to make up as it is.

In good news, my boobs are going back to normal. Thank God. Carrying that extra weight around sucked. My husband was saddened by this, but perked right up when he entered the Convention Center downtown for the COCHON555 event. All pork, all night. You know his love for bacon, and this was right up his alley. We had bacon cookies with a bacon frosting (delicious. may sound gross, but honestly one of my favorite things there), and bacon ice cream in a bacon cone (the bacon was cooked into the shape of an ice cream cone) with bacon crumbles on top. That was the best thing there, and if I could have walked out with the tub of it, I would have. I tried caviar for the first time, and loved it. Maybe because it was on a fresh made potato chip with creme fraiche and chives. Whatever, it was tasty. All that food almost makes up for our weather.


But if you see Mother Nature, send that bitch my way. I have a few words to say to her.


Beth said...

girl, you problem is you live in freakin WASHINGTON!!!! Move somewhere sunny!!!! But then....You DO have Edward Cullen in washington! ;)

Monkey Girl said...

I'm ready for spring/summer...and am so tired of this freaky weather.

Today on B.I., it rained, snowed, hailed, flurried and then we had sun! No wonder everyone is going crazy around here!

raino said...

i hear ya! i am so freakin' sick of this weather as well. summer will be here before we know it and we'll be sweltering in the sun!

Jay said...

I think Mother Nature must be on Yaz as well.

Toryssa said...

It's been really fucking annoying. But last night? When it was SUNNY and SNOWING? It looked like the sky was throwing glitter... crazy beautiful.