Thursday, February 26, 2009

Of course (updated)

After being sick for the last 2 days, what else would I be woken up to but snow. Jay came in at 5:45, after noticing it was awfully bright outside, to wake me up, open our blinds, and show me the 6 inches that had accumulated since I fell asleep around midnight. My reaction, of course, was "Fuck you. FUCK. YOU." and then I threw myself back onto the pillows and proceeded to tell Mother fucking Nature off in my head.

I hate snow. I especially hate how it snows when I have shit I actually have to do. Or when members of my family will miss out on stuff because of the snow.

Evan is Star Student this week in his kindergarten class. This means that the whole week has been focused on him, and he has been able to bring in family pictures, his favorite toy and book, and tomorrow, his family comes in for half an hour to talk about him and what we do. Jay was going to bring goodies from the hospital for the kids and discuss his job, and I was going to bring in cookies since that is part of my "job" description. And I even made special arrangements to pick up Mason tonight so he could be there as well.

But this snow has ruined it. Again.

I also needed to head to the dollar store to get enough little items to make gift bags for all the kids in Evan's class. So far I have individual packs of gum. I will get booed by a bunch of 5-6 year olds if I only show up with gum. Especially since I work in the class weekly and usually bring homemade treats like cupcakes, bread, muffins, or cookies.

I am hoping this shit will melt off by 4:00, which is when I need to leave to get Mason. But I've heard Portland has snow now, and so even if I can leave Seattle, Sean may not be able to leave Portland.

Mother fucking shit.


The snow is gone! Can I get an Amen! I am leaving soon to go get my son, Evan will have school tomorrow, and I already made the chocolate hazelnut biscotti cookies for his class. Phew. Crisis averted.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Aw man, that just sucks. Especially for the little guy. It's his week, dammit!

I wish you'd send it down here to me in TN....we've had a dusting. Hardly worth walking outside about.

Toryssa said...

What shitty timing!

It all melted here, hopefully yours goes soon!

Jay said...

Despite your seething hatred for it, know that the snow loves you... why else would it keep coming back?