Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Karma, baby

My hectic, busy life just took a turn for the worse. In the form of chicken pox. To my extremely needy, clingy, whiny, in constant-need-of-attention in the best of times 5 year old daughter. Are you happy now? Because my life just had a big giant poo dumped on it.

To make matters a little worse, Jay has never had a true bout of chicken pox. He had 2-3 when he was little, but that is not a severe enough case, so he can get it now. And he had to go to the doctor yesterday to get a blood test to test his immunities. And he wouldn't get normal little kid chicken pox. He's in the big leagues now, and it's shingles. So we had to tell our extremely needy, clingy, whiny, in constant-need-of-attention in the best of times 5 year old daughter that she had to keep away from Daddy, no snuggling, no kissing, no contact with him until next week. That went over well. Last night, she took her blanket in her hands and spread it over her daddy so that she could hug him. He told her "Honey, you can't hug on Daddy right now" and she said "But I'm putting the blanket on you so I won't touch you" (ahhhhhh, right). So cute.

Then she sneezed all over his face.

He is sooo getting shingles now.

Evan's birthday party was also planned for this Friday night. It was to be a Halloween Costume Party and his whole class and soccer team were invited. We had all the decorations ready, I was going to start on his cupcakes and sugar cookies. We had 20 kids lined up to come, along with some parental help. And we had to postpone the whole thing until next week. So I had to call all the parents who were coming, and call all the people that couldn't come this Friday to see if they could come next Saturday instead. Fun, fun.

And (this is the worst part, I think) I had to call my 10 year old son and tell him we were missing his game (again) and we couldn't come down to Portland this weekend. I have missed all his games this year, and this is his last one. I feel horrible. It is so hard when you have 2 kids playing soccer in different states, and they both play on Saturday between 9 and 11. This game was at the perfect time because it gave us time to go to Evan's at 9:00 in Seattle, finish and head right to Portland to get Mason, have lunch, and head to his game at 2:45. He asked why I couldn't just leave Kenzie with Jay and bring Evan to Portland. And I had to explain to him that Jay can't watch Kenzie because he can't be around her, and I can't bring her to stay at Aunt Melissa's because she would get Bella and Ryan sick. He said he understood, and he cheered up considerably when I told him this meant he could come to Evan's party next weekend. He was going to miss it had it been this Friday, but now he gets to be there..

But there is some good with the bad. Since all I had planned for the next few days was baking, cooking, and cleaning the house to prepare for the party, or pack us for our trip to Portland, I am now free to do as I please. As long as it involves sitting home. But I colored with Kenzie this morning, and played with her while she took her first baking soda bath of the day. She wants to watch The Mummy II later, and maybe, just maybe Star Wars, Return of the Jedi (she likes the ewoks).

So, you see, my life is actually OK, all thinks considered.

But if Jay gets shingles, I am going to be pissed. From what I hear, they hurt a whole helluva lot, and he isn't going to be able to go to work (which will stress him out) or write (which will piss him off) or play with the kids (which will make him sad). I can only hope if he does get them, it waits until after Kenzie is over the needy stage of chicken pox. Because I can work around her normal neediness, but sick neediness is a whole different story.

P.S. Kenzie did have the double dose of the chicken pox vaccine, but she got them anyway. I did not think they were chicken pox because they looked like angry red bug bites. But after I spread a baking soda paste on each of them, and then put band-aids on them so she would stop itching them, I found some more a few hours later. I called the doctor and found out that they were chicken pox. Apparently, they take 3-4 days to show themselves, never get a white head on them, start in one spot and slowly move up the body, and she will have a low-grade fever for about a week. None of this is normal for wild chicken pox. She is still contagious for 8 days, and they can last the normal 12-23 days.


Kelly said...

ohhh... that sucks hun... I hope everything clears up fast!!!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh dear, hope she gets better soon and hasn't passed it on!

Jay said...

So wait. Is me getting sneezed in the face the karma you speak of? That hardly seems just.

random moments said...

Ugh. Did you tell her not to scratch or she'll create a giant crater where she does. Like maybe on her face? LIKE I HAVE?? Lol. Sorry. Still bitter that I didn't listen to Mommy. :)

I hope Jay doesn't get the shingles either... those things are awful.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Mr. McFatty is a wimp. Real men like myself don't get chicken pox. We get manly diseases like cancer and herpes.