Wednesday, August 13, 2008

True conversation

On Monday, I took the kids to the library. We haven't been back since before vacation, and I had to return some books. The kids went into the kids section to pick out some books, and I did the normal wandering up and down the aisles, looking at books (I could spend hours in a book store or library. There are just so many pretty or interesting books about so many different kinds of things. OH, I love books!). When I had checked out my books, I took each child, by themselves, up to check out their own books and helped them put their books in their library backpacks.

As we were walking to the car, I said when we got home, it was time for quiet time. Mason complained the loudest, of course, because anything that has to do with "quiet" and "in his room with the door shut that does not include t.v., video games, and computer" is not what he wants to be doing.

Me: Mason, you can read Evan one of the Frannie Stein books, you both likes those. It helps you with reading and knocks out both of your 20 minutes of reading time.

Mason: Reading is stupid. I don't want to read.

Me: (appalled) Reading is not stupid! What do you think we went to the library for? You checked out your 2 books. You must have known you were going to have to read them, right?

Mason: No, I thought I just had to get them. I didn't think I would have to read them.

I'm not shitting you, my kid actually believed he just had to go through the process of checking out books.

He did read to his brother. Quite unwillingly. And later, he had to read again before VBS. He had to read a whole passage from the bible, and let me tell you, that was a huge fight. I don't understand his disgust of reading. Is it a boy thing? My brothers hated reading, too.

Me, I learned early and haven't put a book down since. I love to read. It can be done anywhere at almost any time. I would read when I was breastfeeding the kids because there wasn't any other time when they were that young. I figured if I was sitting there like a human milk machine 20 times a day, I might as well get comfy.

I'm hoping he'll find a book one day that just blows him away, and encourages his love of reading. I've tried the Harry Potter series, no go. I've tried comic books. No go, again. I will keep trying, and someday, SOMEDAY he will willingly pick up a book on his own. Not for school, not for soccer, but because he wants to read it.


Jay said...

It's not completely a boy thing. You know I love reading, even if it's slanted to the non-fiction side.

However, Matt was just like Mason when it came to reading. There were one or two books that he related to around Mason's age, but it was only a blip on the screen and sadly didn't serve to jump start his passion for literature.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

The Mighty Blog should be required reading for every youngster. Those little bastards will learn everything they need to know in life...and they'll be entertained in the process.

Anonymous said...

I hated to read... until I was old enough to discover suspense books. It started with the R.L Stine books. Then, my mom introduced me to Sidney Sheldon... and I couldn't STOP! I wouldn't eat or move until I went through the whole book, then I would get the next one, and the next one. I spent a summer with Sidney... and he is still my all-time favorite.

He will get it eventually. He just has to find a niche. Try getting a book on something he loves to do... maybe about video games... haha

Toryssa said...

I want to instill the love of reading in my son, too... but so far? Eh, not so much. He CAN read, he just chooses not to. He'd rather do anything outside. The only time he'll willingly read is to put off bedtime.

I tried to read while I breastfed, too. But my kid was a jealous baby and he'd flip the fuck out until all my attention was on him. It was ridiculous. Wait. He STILL is ridiculous and will not be ignored.