Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Menu for Saturday

To celebrate Mason's birthday here in Seattle, our whole family is coming over for a barbecue. Jay and I will be making the food together, even the cake. We are the dynamic duo of cake making, or at least we will try to be. I'll probably get mad about some way Jay is doing something and snap at him, and he will probably tell me to get over my OCD tendencies and shut the fuck up, and I will retaliate by throwing batter at him, and then he will threaten to ruin one of my most loved kitchen gadgets, and then I will call him a douche and say that if he ruins any of my stuff, it means I can go out and replace it with a brand-fucking-new item that he will be paying for since I don't work so HAHAHAHAHA, and then he will try and jump me because I know it turns him on when I get all feisty.

That should be in the Guinness Book of World Records for the longest damn sentence ever. EVER!

Guess what we are making. Come on, guess. Do it, guess. Stop being a baby and guess already. Give up? Of course you do. Here is the menu:

  • smoked chicken that has been brined for at least 24 hours
  • turkey dogs and burgers
  • potato salad (not my famous p.s. but stuff my mom is "making")
  • chips and dip
Nothing too exciting there, we are saving the truly grandiose food for dessert. Because dessert is the most important food at a birthday party, right. Right.

The kids get:
  • ice cream cake; vanilla bean cake with milk chocolate ice cream decorated like a soccer ball. All made from scratch, including the ice cream.
Adults get:
  • vanilla bean cupcakes and Guinness Stout milk chocolate ice cream on the side.
Yes, beer in ice cream. Guinness even. I need to make it tomorrow night because I only have one ice cream maker and it needs to be cleaned and refrozen for at least 24 hours between uses. And I need to make 2 batches of 2 kinds of ice cream. My problem is that I don't trust Jay or myself to not touch the ice cream before Saturday. Healthy eating habits be damned if there is ice cream in the house.

I'll try and take pictures. Jay has made the last few birthday cakes, and from now on we are going to make them together and put ice cream in them. Kenzie has already requested chocolate cake with chocolate ice cream, and Evan has requested vanilla bean cake with eggnog ice cream. The kid is a freaking lunatic for eggnog. I buy gallons of eggnog every year, and he drinks it mostly by himself. And then whines when I have to tell him they stopped selling it for the season. I have made it by myself before and it was really good, but I don't feel like testing fates and letting my child drink uncooked eggs. Call me picky, but I would prefer he not get sick.

Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day. I wasn't going to post twice in one day, but I mentioned the ice cream flavor to Princess, and thought I should mention the rest. Party is at 4:30 on Saturday here in Seattle. You're all welcome to come. But you have to bring a gift. For Mason and ME! Cash is always good. Or kitchen gadgets. I'm in need of a new cookie gun. Mason really wants an Apple T.V.


AJ said...

Guinness in ice cream?! Austin would be in heaven. I want an invite!! :)

Toryssa said...

Duncan got an ice cream maker for his birthday a few weeks ago, and SO MUCH FUN! We've only tried two kinds so far, one was peanut butter. I should have just frozen the jar of peanut butter, because that is exactly how it tastes.

How long are you supposed to let it stir in the machine? It never seems to get very hard.

Jay said...

Fucking seriously? If anyone in this house gets an Apple TV, it'll be me!

Christie said...

AJ: Yeah, I think Jay felt the same way.

Toryssa: Are you making the custard type of ice cream or Phylly style? I've found the Phylly style doesn't take as long because it is already pretty thick to begin with. But I think the least amount of time it's taken is 20 minutes, but I had let the batter sit in the fridge overnight with that one.

Jay: Shut up, douche. I was trying to get you one. We need to talk about you catching on quicker.

Jay said...

In that case, Mason also said that he wants a Fleshlight.