Thursday, September 6, 2007

Celebrity Deserted Island Game

So, Mishy tagged me for this, and since I am super nice, I decided to do it. That, and I am bored and tired of packing.

The question: If you were left alone on a deserted island, which celebrity would you choose to spend time with?

I have a few possible candidates, actually. I could never choose just one.

William Petersen aka Gil Grissom.
ason: The man is a freaking genius on CSI, and knows all about bugs. All deserted islands have jungles, and jungles mean bugs. Plus he just seems so nice and kind. He would definitely be able to calm my ass down.

Survirorman aka Les Stroud.
: I know, I know, Bear is hotter, but Les doesn't eat crap and other foul things if he can help it. I know he would be able to calm me down when I freaked out about the bugs and stuff.

And last but not least:

c Rowers aka my cousins Mary and Betsy McCagg.
They could get me the hell off of that island quick! They have been rowing since they were little, then for Harvard, then for the Olympics. They may not be big name celebrities, but in the world of rowing, they are pretty well known. (Sorry, I could only find this picture of Mary online. They are twins, so just imagine two of them. All of my pictures are packed away.)

Now I am supposed to tag a few other people. Let's see, I'll tag Dyck (I'm curious to see who he picks, aren't you), Captain Corky, and Princess. Have fun!


M-M-M-Mishy said...

Sorry for the tag, but it's not that bad of a meme. I'm down with Grissom. He's a sexy older man. Your cousins would make for good picks as well, especially if all you have to do is be the person who sits at the front of the canoe thing and scream "ROW!" over and over again. You could probably flip through an issue of Vogue while doing it.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Dyckerson doesn't do "tags."

Jenny! said...

I think the survivor dude is a good option...I would pick Brad Pitt hands down !

Christie said...

Mishy: I am the shortest person on my dad's side of the family. They are all over 6 feet tall. Me, I'm stuck at 5'2". Apparently, you need tallness to row well.

Dyck: But you do do tag teams, right?

Jenny: Brad would have been on it had he not been with Whoralina. I just couldn't touch something that slutbag has done.

Yoda said...

You shall totally need a computer geek too, who'll help you steal internet from the neighboring island! Other than that, you seem all set :-)

TheBirdman33 said...

Hi, came over from Corky's Log, I am actually sitting in his living room right now fighting him for computer time.

You have some good choices picked out there. To be fair, Tom Hanks and his volleyball did pretty good on a desserted island.

Christie said...

Yoda: If I'm stranded, my computer geek husband is stranded, too. It's only fair.

Birdman: I envy your ability to hold Corky Jr. whenever you want. I would make do without Wilson, in hopes of getting a g-damn boat for my cousins to row me off with.

captain corky said...

Christie, I'm surprised that you didn't pick me. We would have a lot of fun on a deserted Island. It would be just like Blue Lagoon, Only a kinkier and way cooler. ;)

minijonb said...

haHA! i love the answer of your cousins the rowers. that's classic.

i'd probably pick someone like Henry Rollins because he could keep me entertianed with his music and stories on the island.

random moments said...

Ooo Survivorman is my newest addiction - I would take him as well!

In Ink said...

Memes are evil.

/word verification blows too

Princess Extraordinaire said...

Survivorman is a good one..I'd have to say Bill Gates as he'd fnd a way to get me off the island....or at least communicate to people..

Crystal said...

you two need to stop washing dishes this instant and start blogging. i am sick of couple's in love taking up my valuable reading time with their..their..their sex! i am bored at work, dammit. have you forgotten that you guys are my source for entertainment? so get your parts off of/out of each other and write something for me.

please? :)