Thursday, August 23, 2007

To make up for yesterday

OK, so to make up for Yesterday's Rant about stupid, moronic people, I thought I would tell you some things that cheered me up just this morning.

My husband, all clean and still a little damp, snuggling with my daughter and I before he finished getting ready for work. Kenzie came in looking for Daddy and was so relieved that he was still there. Big huggies and kissies were had and then he laid down with her and I for a few minutes. I fall more in love with that man every time I see how good he is with our kids.

My son, thinking he is being sly by giving me a huge hug and then asking for chocolate milk. I know what you are after, buddy. Food, it's always food for you.

My neighbor's dog, Bella. She is visiting us today while her mommy, Angie, is at work. She is a Bishon Frise and the most stinking cute dog ever! Apparently, she has ditched Angie and run up to our porch for the last few days so she finally just brought her over to play for the day. She is great with the kids, and I love having her around. Plus I figure it is good training for when we finally get a dog.

When I check my email, I love getting messages from friends out of the blue. Today I got one from an old friend and I was delighted. Ooh, delighted, I like that word, too. It just isn't used enough. Delighted. Try it in a sentence today. You will be delighted.

Packing is getting me slightly turned on, I must say. We move a month from yesterday, and everything is coming together nicely. We got rid of shit at our garage sale so what is left is needing to be packed. I am a little sad to put away my kitchen appliances (oh, food processor, don't be sad, I'll use you soon. And stand mixer, you won't be far behind, baby.), but I know they will soon be sitting in a pantry of their own again soon.

My daughter dressed up as Hula Girl. She made this super hero up awhile ago because her brothers have Superman, Batman, and Wolverine costumes, and she had none. Since I can't find her a Wonder Woman outfit that doesn't cost less $50, she made up Hula Girl. She dances her way to justice. She has been dancing around with Bella for awhile now and I just can't help but laugh at her.

The smell of laundry, clean laundry, is wafting through the house. I use a scent free detergent, and Snuggle Exhilarations Wild Orchid and Vanilla fabric softener, and it smells awesome! I love when I hug Jay when he gets home from work and he still smells yummy.

Does that make up for being a cranky bitch yesterday? I hope so. I truly do.


minijonb said...

Oooh... I'm delighted I read this. Totally makes up for yesterday!


Christie said...

I'm delighted you were delighted with my more upbeat post.

Ryan said...

I was tired and wanted to go to sleep, so I delighted my room and jumped in bed.

Highly enjoyable!

Yoda said...

I'm delighted that your move is coming along smoothly!

I move a few days from now, and seriously NOTHING has been done about it. I guess I'll end up doing what I've done for all my moves ... get a whole carton of Glad trash bags, stuff my crap in, load up my car and drive! LOL!

Christie said...

Ryan: There's a good boy! Isn't sleep nice and delightful!

Yoda: I say you pay for Jenny to come pack up your crap for you. I'm sure it would slowly destroy her if she knew your possessions were ending up in Glad sacks. We would both be delighted to help you, I'm sure.

blog Portland said...

If we ever do get a dog, it will be huge and named after a Roman God.

Christie said...

BP you didn't follow the "delighted" rule. You shall be punished. 50 swats with the love paddle.

Princess in Galoshes said...

You know what other word we need to bring back?


It's delightful, and totally under-used.

Meanwhile... it was lovely to read such an upbeat blog. I need to take a hit off your laundry detergent, please.

Dyck!! said...

I liked you better when you were PMSing. And I've told you a million times, it's a HUGE 4.5 inches!!!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I'd be delighted if you hopped a plane and packed up my room for me! I'm a knucklehead and haven't started yet.

Guilty Secret said...

Ah so lovely :)

But you didn't need to make up for being cranky... it was so funny!

honkeie2 said...

I love post when ppl bitch about asshats better. But happy post are fun too.

Jenny! said...

I liked cranky...I find you delightful!

Dads with their kids and being all good daddy like...totally turns me on! It's the hottest thing ever!

Those dogs are SO not my favorite...they get all dirty and those nasty eye stains...gross!

Jenny! said...

Oh, glad you hubby smells like clean laundry when he gets home instead of skank! That's a turn on too!

captain corky said...

Can I have a hug? I want some chocolate milk too. Plus, I wanna cop a feel. ;)

Christie said...

Princess: I am delighted with the word knucklehead!

Dyck: Damnit, I am not PMS'ing ! I would be delighted to rip your 4.5 inch penis off!

Mishy: You can send money to my paypal account for the ticket and I'll be right over.

Guilty: I know I shouldn't but the guys flipped shit about it. Only the women understood.

Christie said...

Honkie: It's just like sex. Sometimes slow and romantic is nice, but for the most part, you just want the down and dirty.

Jenny: I can't stand funky smelling men, ugh, gross. He still smells nice and sweet when he gets home. It's like marking my territory, you know.

Corky: Come to Momma, sugar. Just lay your head right there on the size D's and relax. I'll make it all better.

Gina said...

I recently found out about those scented fabric softeners, and they do make things smell great.

And no, I don't live under a rock. ;)