Friday, August 3, 2007

Seattle Bound, in more ways than 1

Here is something I saw online today that totally pissed me off. Can you guess what it is for?

It's for a divorce attorney in L.A., of course. This is just wrong and mean and horrible in SO many ways. I cannot even express to you how completely grossed out this makes me. Maybe because I actually love and trust my husband and I know he feels the same way. I just don't see how someone can make light of something that so many of us hold sacred. I'm not saying I'm perfect and never cheated on someone before, because I'm not and I have. I just haven't cheated on Jay because he is the one person in my life I can believe in and trust. And I know if either of us cheated, that would be broken. much more to tell you about that doesn't make me pissed.

Of course, ya'll know Kenzie had her lovebug, Jack, over for a playdate yesterday morning. They came early enough for me to make them Monkey cakes (banana pancakes) and eggs and coffee and Kahlua for the mommies. Kenzie ran outside the minute she saw their van pull up and greeted him with a HUGE hug and kiss and they held hands all the way inside. They played while I finished up breakfast and talked with Liz (future mother-in-law). I have to say, they are freaking hilarious. Honestly, it is just so cute to see them play together. And both him and his sister, Gracie, are great kids. They are so polite, and I think it's adorable that they call me Mrs. Christie or Mrs. Ferris. I will only bore you with this one adorable picture, then I promise, I'll leave it alone for awhile.

So, tomorrow we are up at the asscrack of dawn to head up to Seattle and hang out with my family for the weekend, attend a bar-b-que and watch the Blue Angels perform. If you don't know who they are, here is a picture (I'm full of them today)......

It's a group of jets that do some pretty cool stunts. They also fly right over my mom's house, so they are hosting the lunch for our WHOLE family (about 50 of us). I'm not sure the whole gang is coming, but for the most part, we'll all be there. Anyway, the jets perform at the end of Seafair every year. And for those of you that don't know what Seafair is, it is a summer festival which involves the hydroplane races at Lake Washington.

In other HUGE news, we are moving to Seattle! We've been tossing the idea around for awhile, and finally made the decision to just do it. I am so very excited about this. I really miss my family, and I really want my kids to be able to grow up with their cousins, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and great-grandparents. We are pretty much alone down here, except for Jay's brother, Matt, and his wife, Mandy, and quite a few friends. And we'll miss them all, but the job opportunities are also much better up there. Plus, and this was a huge factor for Jay, they have a pretty big water park and roller coasters about 20 miles south of Seattle. And the fact that being that close to my family means more ALONE time with my husband. Which we need. If I want to have hot, sweaty sex with Jay, I can ditch the kids with their grandparents and pick them up in the morning. Or, if I don't want to cook dinner, I can call up my Nanna and she'll make some yummy meal for us. Awesome! I miss that so much.

I will totally miss Portland, I really have become a big old hippy Oregonian in the 7 1/2 years I've lived here. Once Jay has a job up there, we've rented a place, and it's all set and we can't back out, I'll tell you about some of my favorite things about it. I know that if I start to go over them, I will change my mind, and I really don't want to do that. It's time to make a change.

See, I leave you guys alone for a few days, and my whole world changes.


captain corky said...

I think the divorce rate is the lowest it's been since the 1970's.

Good luck with the move. I think it's a good idea if it's going to make you happier.

Have a great weekend and please tell us about your hippie ways sometime.

Palm Springs Savant said...

Divorce Lawyers are scum. have fun with the move...and keep us posted!!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Those two kids look pretty serious. I hope you've had "the talk" with them. If not, I'd be happy to volunteer. I have a seminar I present at nursery schools.

Dan said...

And to that billboard I would say "Life is short, avoid lawyers as much as possible!"


Jenny! said...

I am a very big supporter of free speech...and I don't have a problem with the sign. I don't think its a great message, but you can't censor what people are saying. I have two posts about billboards that were taken down in Chicago area...they are similar!

Jenny! said...

Can you make me some banana pancakes???? PPLLLLEEEAASSEEE!

Havefun moving! I love packing and unpacking...but I am sure that I am alone in that!

Christie said...

Corky: I have 1 divorce under my belt, and I'm not planning another. I detest moving, but I know once I'm here, I'll have about 30 women helping unpack. Awesome for me!

Palm Springs: I guess they have to make a living and there is definitely a market for this stuff, but still, it just doesn't sit well with me.

Dyck: Oh yes, you can be an example as to what NOT to bring home to mom and dad.

Dan: Thank you! My mom works for lawyers, I'm going to avoid them when I move here at all cost.

Jenny: I totally believe in free speech, I just think this sign sends a bad message. Take an add out in the yellow pages like other lowlives.
Send me your address and I'll send you a batch. They are really good, even people that hate pancakes love them.

Marcia said...

Seattle! Is your husband going to have to change the name of his blog?

Moving is a huge pain (as I'm in the middle of one right now), and I intend to do it as little as possible. Good luck!

RevRee said...

Seriously, thats not right. That's actually really fucked up! Preach on girl!

I've heard people actually say to have an affiar to "help the marriage"????? FUCK THAT!

minijonb said...

i don't have anything good to say about divorce attorneys after my divorce fiasco the past couple of years. i've heard of billboards like that goign up in Chicago and other cities. the one you showed looked to be the least effective and most offensive of the bunch.

Christie said...

Marcia: That was one of the first things he said after we made the decision. As for the move, I'll have to pack alone, but once we are there, the women in my family will all help and the men will unload the crap. We should be completely moved in and unpacked in 2 days. I'm serious, too.

RevRee: Welcome back, baby! I think divorce attorneys are scum anyway, and I guess this is from LA, where the divorce rate is like 90% anyway, but still, this is just too much.

Minijonb: My ex and I went through a paralegal, spent less than $500 and our divorce was complete in 15 days. 15 days from going to the paralegal, filing, the judge signing it, and we were notified. Easy, simple, and too the point. There is no need for some money hungry asshumper to get tons of money for doing something 2 civilized people could do themselves. Really.

Mom said...

You will be all unpacked and moved in in 2 hours after arriving here.