Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Who's a bad blogger?

Well, we are back. Actually, we've been back since Saturday. And here it is Tuesday and I am finally getting to tell you about my vacation. I can tell you it was good, we had a lot of fun and my kids are still talking about things we did. There were some "minor" bumps in the road, like horrible blisters, tons of rain, me falling down a flight of stairs and nearly killing myself, haunted beach houses, you know, little things like that.

We ate A LOT of food at many different places. Seaside has some of the best restaurant selections, and I think we ate at all of them. We ate Cajun food at Lil' Bayou and I had some chicken dish that kicked ass! The kids had some chicken strips and shrimp, and Jay had so much stuff, I can't even remember what he had. Hush Puppies! That's right, tons of hush puppies. Along with the other stuff. We also ate at Norma's, and I had the best steak ever! You didn't even need a knife to cut it. Apparently, they have great clam chowder, too. I detest seafood, but Jay and Mason love it. Our good friend, Kerri, is the manager there, so we were assured a seat and good company. Oh, and a free meal. THANK YOU KERRI! I also got to rub her baby bump, something I have been eager to do since she started showing. Um, where else did we eat, oh, Sam's Seaside Diner. I had a Garlic Lovers burger and oh my goodness, was it good. I don't think Jay came near me for a few days but it was well worth it. And we cannot forget Camp 18, which is about 30 minutes east of Seaside. On our "forget we are parents" day, Kerri and Jason took us here for breakfast, and they are not messing around. I ordered a cinnamon roll, and this, my friends, is what they brought me. That is a full size plate. No, really, it is.

Alas, even with Jay, Kerri, and Jason's help, we did not finish this and left some behind.

We also did a lot of shopping. Alcohol, food, alcohol, clothes, food, alcohol, gifts, more alcohol. I can tell you the lady that works behind the counter at the liquor store's name is Sharon. And she worked all but 1 day we went there. What can I say, we are lushes on vacation (and maybe at home, too). Since on the first day, my beloved flip flops gave me the worst damn blisters known to man (and what is the deal with that? I've been wearing flip flops EVERYDAY for 4 years, and NOW they give me blisters? What the eff?), and my tennis shoes gave me blisters on my heals the next day, my mommy took me to the Croc store to buy me some comfortable shoes. Now, I know what you are saying, "Crocs, damn those are some ugly shoes" or maybe even "I thought those were only made for old people and kids", well I say "Screw You" and will proudly wear the ugliest shoes known to man so long as they don't give me blisters. My mom also bought herself, my step-sister, and daughter a pair. Along with the charms that go in them. Check them out,will ya. They are ugly, aren't they. And I chose the ugliest pair I could find on purpose, too. I HATE PINK (sorry Marcia, but I do), I detest camo things, and I really don't dig jewelery, but together they make for some funky shoes, right.

Do you like the martini glass? You can barely see it on the right, but it's there, I tell you.

So, comfy in my ugly shoes, we headed to Cannon Beach for a girls day with my mom and sister. We bought tons of shit, like bumper stickers that say "Somewhere in Texas, a village has lost it's idiot" and shows a picture of George W., and one that says "Sorry I missed church today, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian" (that should shut the grandparents up, right?), and one that says "Make mine a triple vodka marijuana latte to go". Jay says I can't put any of them on the van, though. Screw him, I'm putting the Bush one up and the others go on the fridge. Haha. My mom also couldn't resist buying Kenzie more clothes, of course.

We managed to hit the beach maybe 3 times over the week. The rain kept us in the house or driving downtown to the arcade or bowling alley. Jay went golfing one night, and I managed to get some great shots of the kids. Before you ask, YES, my daughter is in a nightgown. I was going to put them to bed, but it finally stopped raining and the weather was beautiful so I took them down anyway. They had a blast, too. There is something magical about the ocean and my kids, and me, too, I guess. We all cheer up instantly when we are on the beach and can see the ocean.

Here they are running towards it. Kenzie was actually in the lead, it was amazing! Normally, Mason would have knocked her down, and Evan would have run over her, but see, the magic of the beach!

And here is Kenzie, sopping wet, and loving it! She was so happy to be in the ocean. Don't mind the bitchy look, she hates having her picture taken and was pissed at me for interrupting her and asking her to smile.

And here we have proof that Evan actually went into the ocean this year. We have been coming to the beach since Kenzie was born, and Evan has NEVER set one baby toe into the water. But this year, he ran right in. He would only go ankle deep, but that is still a huge deal for him. I actually got teary eyed when I saw him jumping in the water.

Mason did not want his picture taken, either. What is with these kids? Anyway, he is hauling ass trying to get away from me and Kenzie. She chased him all around the beach that evening.

And finally, I'm going to show you the pictures you have all been waiting for. Drum roll, please! The drinking pictures. We only took them one night, the rest of the time, we were too busy puking and passing out. Sorry.

Here is Jay and Bill, giving you their best "innocent" look. Aren't they too cute. They are also too drunk. We all took turns giving you our innocent or cheesy looks. Here is one of Jill and Nick. Hot, huh. I would show you one of my mom, but she would effing kill me if I put something like that up. Yes, you would, mom, don't deny it.

My mom and I also got tattoos together. It was her first, and I must say, I took some pleasure in making fun of her. See, when she found out about my first one, she called me a whore who was going to die of AIDS. Awesome. Yes, I was only 18 and still in high school, but that was a little harsh. Every time I get a new one, she asks me when I'm going to stop? And now she was getting one. I didn't even get a picture of hers, either. She did great and I was very impressed. She got an Welsh Love Spoon and it was pretty neat. I got my 4th tattoo of an old Irish sign for Clan/Family. I don't have a picture of the tattoo, but here is what I got on my left forearm.

There are so many more pictures I would love to show you, but this took damn near forever! So, maybe I'll show you some other ones another day. But now, I've got to go clean a spot off the back window for my new bumper sticker.


Jenny! said...

You guys are too funny with the food pictures...and seriously...taht was the size of the plate??? Yum!

blog Portland said...

I'm impressed that the people who make Crocs were able to find a way to make their shoes even uglier. Word on the street is that the next series will have pictures of Hitler and assorted serial killers on them.

Jenny! said...

I have the ugliest blue Crocs...they are freaking hideous...but I wear them anyway! Your pink ones' are def. uglier than mine though!

Christie said...

Jenny- I am regretting getting the ugly ones now that I am home and seeing everyone I know. I think the cashier at my store is dodging me since she saw my shoes. And I am the best maker of cinnamon rolls ever, but I was hung over and that thing was AWESOME!!!! And huge. I like big things. A lot.

BP- You should be happy, she thought about getting you and Bill a pair, but I stopped her. I think I deserve a reward or something.

Kerri said...

Glad you enjoyed lunch!