Friday, February 19, 2010

That's right

Two posts in one week, holy fuck, what is the world coming to? Maybe it's the fact the kids are on mid-winter break and I have "time" to kill. Most likely it's the fact that the freezing office has the computer and no screaming, fighting, yelling kids in it to bother me. Call it hiding out if you want to, but you'd do the same damn thing in my shoes.

I love them, but God almighty would be sick of them after this week. Since they both started school this year, they have been getting along pretty well. They aren't around each other that much during the week, and when they are, we are busy with stuff. And when the weekends come, we are off doing stuff, or they are playing pretty well together. But a whole week off from school, and it's like World War III up in here.

And it's not like I'm not keeping them busy. We have been everywhere, had a few friends over to play or they've gone on play dates at their friends home. We've done Pacific Science Center, the park, visited Daddy at work, and so on and so on. It's now Friday, and I can tell you straight up, Momma needs a damn break. I need a day to wear no bra and wear pajama pants all day, with a bowl of popcorn, a large coffee, and I don't know, Twilight to let me go brain dead for 2 damn hours.

To make matters just a tad worse, when they are home, all hell seems to break lose, and the poor house becomes a disaster. It's like they forget how to clean up after themselves, and the garbage can, what is that? It's apparently so much easier to throw shit in the general direction of the garbage can, or better yet, how about just tossing it on the counter. Dishes sit wherever they used them, never coming close to the damn sink. And dirty clothes? Not a chance they make it to the hamper. I actually felt like I'd accomplished something the other day because the hamper was empty, and then Kenzie brings out 2 arm loads of clothes. Half of which I bet are clean. Grrrrrrrrrr........................grrr.

Thank God they go back on Monday. Thank God I don't work at school on Monday. I promise here and now, I am dropping them off in my pajamas. I will come home, plop my ass on the couch and watch some mind numbing show, and maybe suck down a whole pot of coffee, uninterrupted. I will keep the volume at a normal level, never once turning it up so it can be heard over "KENZIE, GIVE IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "EVAN WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!" or "I WANT TO PLAY WITH THAT, IT'S MINE!!!!!!! MOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!". I will get Kenzie off the bus in my pajamas. I will feed her lunch, put her down for quiet time, and sit back on the couch, and maybe read a book without interruption. I will eventually put pants on to walk down the street to get Evan off the bus, then come home to put pajamas back on. We will eat hot dogs for dinner, that I will make Jay make. And then I will go to bed. Fully rested and happier than ever. Amen.

Who am I kidding? That will never fucking happen.


Fat Sparrow said...

The one time I said "Oh fuck it" and drove my daughter to school in my pajamas, that was the time the car broke down. I have never let my GG's go outside without a bra since, boy did that tow truck driver stare.

Jay Ferris said...

I told you that having children would one day come back to bite you in the ass.