Monday, September 14, 2009

So this is how I feel about it.....

Now even though I dislike Perez Hilton, he usually says what he feels. And this picture is how I feel as well. So, I'll admit I stole this from his page.

Kanye West is such a douche. I'm quite fond of his music, and I get that he is gifted. But I don't need him telling me how gifted he is, and then taking it upon himself to storm the stage year after year to try and force his will upon us all. Dude, no one fucking cares that much but you, so let it go. It's a plastic moon man, you can buy them at the trophy shop. If you promise to shut the hell up, I'll have one made for Beyonce and send it to her (not that she'd accept it, because I honestly think she doesn't care).

I didn't watch the VMA's (we did the responsible thing and got rid of our cable), but I did catch up with the highlights on other blogs and You Tube. Beyonce, Pink, and even Jay-Z rocked the house. I especially loved Pink, because it was awesome how she swung around and still sang live. Most performers now adays cheat and lip sync, which sucks, and defeats the purpose. If you can't sing live without tons of backup, you can't really sing. My opinion, people.

Lady GaGa, however, I'm not sure about. She kind of freaks me out a little, which I think is her point. She is a truly gifted songstress, but I could do without the freaky deaky outfits and the Queen Amadala headdresses need to go like ASAP. How the hell does she walk, let alone, see in those things.

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Jay Ferris said...

At least this is allowing people to take the humiliation of Kanye to another level:

I'mma Let You Finish