Thursday, July 16, 2009

The problem is this

So as I kindly mentioned earlier, we saw the 6th installment of Harry Potter the other day. And for as awesome as that was, I have a few huge HUGE issues with not just this movie, but all of them. Maybe they are problems for you as well.

  1. My biggest problem almost sends me in a murderous rage (especially with all the extra hormones floating around my body right now) every time I watch the movies. WHY THE FUCK ARE HARRY'S EYES BLUE IN THE FUCKING MOVIE WHEN SUCH A BIG DAMN DEAL IS MADE ABOUT HOW HE HAS LILLY'S GREEN EYES. Am I right? Yes, I am right. Every book talks about how his green eyes are the only thing he got from his poor mom. Is it that fucking difficult to put some damn green contacts on his already blue eyes? It's not like he has dark brown eyes like me, which makes it pretty close to impossible to make them any other real color (violet eyes DO NOT happen on their own, people, you aren't fooling anyone). If my precious 3rd husband, Robert Pattinson, can put up with those horrendous yellow contacts, Harry Fucking Potter can put some green ones in, too. Yeesh, it's not rocket science, people.
  2. Find a place for Hagrid's cabin, and leave it there. In the first movie, it was way close to the castle. Same in the second. Then a new director comes in for the 3rd movie, and POW, Hagrid's hut is way the fuck down the hill. Of course, then it was more accurately where it was portrayed in the book, but still. And they changed it again.
  3. Same goes for the Weasley house. Every time you do this, it pisses people off. Stop it. You are just making us mad.
  4. Where do they get off just making up stuff for the movie? The beginning of this last one was out of nowhere. It would never have happened in the book because of the fear of the Death Eaters. I won't say more because I don't want to ruin it for some of you, but once you see it, you'll know what I mean.
  5. They have left so. much. stuff. out of the movies, I don't know why they feel the need to make the 7th book into 2 movies. Oh, wait. They are doing it to make more money. Fucking assholes.
All in all, I love the books. I watched the first movie before I read the book, and loved it. Then I read the book, and for sure, that is the movie that followed the book almost perfectly. I understood why they left certain stuff out. I then watched the 2nd movie (my least favorite), and read the book after. Although the 2nd book is my least favorite as well, I still like the book much more than the movie. They did OK with the 3rd movie, they had to replace one of the main characters because he died in real life, and the new guy just doesn't fit to me, but what other option do they have. And that is when the set changed as well.

After the second movie, I read the rest of the series and waited in eager anticipation for the last 2 books. I stood in line for the 12:01 showing with one of Jay's best friends eagerly. And was flat out pissed when I left the theater. Both McLean and I were. Why? are you movie people messing around with us?

I have given up going to the theaters because I am just spending money to be pissed. And compare it to the book for hours and find all the faults and changes. And let's face it, my kids can piss me off for free at home.

This last movie was good, if you had no idea what went on in the books. Mason has never read any of them, so he was completely thrilled. I was, too, but it was short lived. Jay and I started going over stuff yesterday, and it just kept going.

Do any of you feel this way, too? Do you notice any things they are doing that just seems so wrong?


Brooklyn said...

you are hilarious. that is all.

Brooklyn said...

p.s. i have no idea what you're talking about since i dont follow harry potter, but i'm still cracking up.

Beth said...

I've never read a single herry potter book...or watched a single movie. Am I strange?