Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Odds and ends

There is a black bear on the loose in Shoreline. No shit. It was spotted a little bit ago a mere 5 blocks from our house.

A black bear is roaming free in the city and the numb-nuts at Fish and Wildlife can't seem to track the mother fucker down and shoot it with a tranquilizer gun. They even have helicopters up looking for it right now.

Apparently, it swam the Ballard locks and has been roaming around the greater Seattle area for almost 48 hours.

Now, I grew up in podunk nowhere, and this type of thing happened often with other wildlife. And they were quickly caught. So the way I see it, if you want that bitch caught, you call in the hicks from the sticks to catch it, because they need the bear meat to get through next winter.

And nothing motivates the hillbillies more than shooting stuff.

In other news, Amy's house caught fire on Sunday morning. Apparently, her next-door-neighbor had a guest cooking meth in the guest room, and it blew up. The whole house was in flames in 5 minutes, and it jumped to Amy's roof. The firemen punched holes in her roof to put out the fire before it spread too much.

Luckily, just 2 of the upstairs rooms were damaged. But it did ruin all their clothes, furniture, and toys in those rooms. Luckily, the Red Cross stepped in and gave them 14 days in a hotel, a $500 Visa to buy food and clothes, and also clothing voucheres.

In good news, though, her landlord gave them a check for $3700 to go towards a new house. And they signed a rental agreement last night and got the keys this morning. It is a much nicer house, and bigger, so she is pretty happy with the outcome. They were planning to move anyway.

Mason is going to be a Big Brother again. His dad and step-mom are having baby. I called my ex today to congratulate him, and to see how Mason took the news. Apparently, he took it just like when I told him about Evan and then Kenzie. He could really care less. As long as he gets his own room and isn't expected to help, he's cool. I also sent a quick note to his step-mom. I feel the need to get them something little for their baby, maybe I'll knit them a blanket or something.

I told Evan and Kenzie and they were excited. Because they thought that meant they were getting another sibling. Once I explained it to them, Kenzie broke down in tears because now she won't be Mason's baby anymore. Evan asked if they could have another brother or sister, and I told them Hell NO.

What I really said was that Mommy and Daddy were done having babies, we were happy with the 3 we had. And to remember Mommy had an operation so I can't have more babies.

To be honest, the conversation was boring them at this point, so we were done.


random moments said...

Loved this post. I was about to bang my head against my desk when I looked you up, I needed a lil funny in my life.

I can't believe you just have black bears roaming around your neck of the woods. Insanity!

Knitted blankets are the best. I don't know anyone who knits anymore, and there's nothing like a blanket that's been created by hands you know. Plus, they're so freaking soft!

Monkey Girl said...

I read about the bear yesterday and today.

My thought, if you're chasing a teenage bear through Seattle with 4 wildlife officers, 14 police cars with sirens/lights going, and a couple of helicopters...OF COURSE, the bear is going to run for christ's sake.

When it said bears could run 35mph, I thought, jeeze, those people are screwed.

How can you out run a bear?

Beth said...

a knitted blanket sounds yummy....and DANG! shoot that bear already! I'm hongry!