Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I am so lucky to live here

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has been awesome for the past week! It's been in the mid to high 70's, and we have been taking full advantage of it. I love living this close to water. I can drive east for 2 minutes and be at the lake. I can be at Mathew's Beach letting the kids play in Lake Washington in less than 15 minutes. Or I can drive west for 5 minutes and see Puget Sound. Driving southwest for 20 minutes puts us at Discovery Park, and after a 20 minute hike down the beautiful trail, we can be playing in Puget Sound and finding sand crabs and pretty shells. Both places we have been in the last few days.

It's also been nice enough to take Charlie to Shoreline's brand new dog park, ShoreDog. He loves it!

We've also taken a 4 mile hike at Shoreview park, and we found a little private lake. We followed the stream forever, and got lost, but it was a lot of fun. And the kids and dog slept like logs that night.

I have to say, I miss Portland at times, but being this close to water, especially the Puget Sound is just awesome. I could never live inland, I would miss the beach way too much. Lakes are great and all, but the open water feel you get from the ocean is very different.

Kenzie and Evan playing in the sand and water at Mathew's Beach.

My family walking the trails to head down to the beach at Discovery Park.

This is where we were headed. It was the lowest tide of the day.

My family walking in the Puget Sound. Such a beautiful day!


Cat said...

Uhg, it's been cold in both California and Colorado. I am jealous of your sunshine!!!

Toryssa said...

It's been AMAZING!! We've been spending days at the lakes, bbq's in the mountains... WA is the best place in the world when the sun is out!

Kelly said...

Wow... that sounds so nice! I would love to live by the ocean. I'm so not a bathing suit kind of girl, but I'd love to just sit on the beach and smell the salty air. I'm super jealous!

Beth said...

um....can I be part of your family? that looks fabulous!!!!