Monday, March 16, 2009

We did fight about it

We did nothing this weekend except be lazy. And it was awesome.

Jay and I did "argue" about me buying the Twilight movie, of course. Because he is mean and doesn't understand anything. I pointed out that the special edition came with a poster, which totally justifies the purchase. He, however, said, quite meanly, mind you:

If you put that fucking poster up in our room, I will take it down, cut out the mouths and do horrible, HORRIBLE things to it. I will!

and I replied:

I hate you, you mean mother fucker! What did this poor movie ever do to you!

and he said:

Made my wife a raging psychopath!

And then we had sex, and it was all better. (OK, so it didn't go down quite like that, sex came a day later, but we still stopped fighting when I refused to cancel the order. What was he going to do, we couldn't fight over Twilight all weekend.)

We did go to the library and had lunch at Third Place Books. We also got dessert to go for after dinner. Of course, Jay and I shoveled the Banana Cream cake and cherry cheesecake into our mouths once we got home. Who waits for banana cake? No one, that's who. And then we played Guitar Hero, we even moved the furniture out of the way so we could go all crazy and stuff. And we played Twister.

And I realized something. I am old. I mean, really fucking old. I don't bend anymore.

Of course, it doesn't help that I am married to a douche who lies when he is the spinner person for Twister. He had me bent completely over, my ass in his face, and he kept telling the kids to smack mommies butt. Funny. Really fucking funny. You wait, man, I can wait it out. You won't even see it coming, and then BOW!, you'll get what you deserve.


Suburbia Steph said...

Just for shits & giggles & would place the poster above your bed & wait for him to notice it! Ha!

Christie said...

At least I'd have something to look at. OW, burn, Jay, burn! Hahahaha.

I'm not done with you yet.

Jay said...

I'm pretty sure that in place of "raging psychopath" I said something closer to "tween lust-filled, vampire bean flicker."

Monkey Girl said...

It makes me feel better to know my husband isn't the only husband who comments on his wife's blog.

Beth said...

I would SO put it over my bed.....and why can't I get the kind of sex that Edward and Bella have, with pillow feathers all over the room and headboards cracked and broken? Is that really too much to ask?

Kelly said...

you should start framing pictures of him all over the house. He's pretty much in the family now, right?

random moments said...

I agree with Kelly. Just replace Jay's head in the photos tho. :)

Love ya Jay. *snicker*

Yours truly,

the Other Tween Lust-Filled, Vampire Bean Flicker