Monday, August 4, 2008

Long ass picture post. Vacation details later.

Kenzie and Ava

My mom and Charlie on the first day

Kenzie skipping along the boardwalk

Jay and the boys running to the ocean. It was a bit windy that day.

It's Mikey's house from The Goonies. Goonies rock, yo!

The kids and Jay on our way to meet some friends.

Kenzie dancing on the beach

Mason goofing around

Up close and personal with Evan

Charlie, the lazy dog

Me with Jay and Kenzie on the boardwalk


random moments said...

Loving the photo post! Esp like Miss Kenzie dancing shot. So cute!

Toryssa said...

I love The Goonies! You have a lovely family... and Evan, he is beautiful. How come boys always have the best eyelashes?

Ryan said...

I was going to leave a comment complimenting your entire family on having excellent hair, but then I saw that dog and his ridiculous perm.

Good god.

Christie said...

Random: Thank you! I love that shot, too. I have another one of her that is close up when she has braids. It is so cute, but Jay said it is too blurry.

Toryssa: Goonies ROCK! Both of my boys have long lush lashes, while mine and Kenzie's are quite puny. No fair!

Ryan: Holy shit, man! I thought you had died or something. Welcome back.

Beth said...

Girl! These are some great photos!!! I esp. lovelovelove the one of Kenzie dancing on the beach...and the close up of Evan...I'm a little partial to anyone boy named Evan! ;)

Man, I wish I lived at the beach and could be there

AJ said...

Babyruth???!!!! Love the goonies. Love your pics :)

Princess in Galoshes said...

Such a cute family. :-) I wish I could go back on vacation, too.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Vacation photos? Is that what it's come to??

Guilty Secret said...

Oh you guys are just so cute!

Beth said...

girl...I have a bag for you, made personally by ME!!! E-mail me a mail to address and it will be yours!!!! woohoo!!! aren't you SO excited! ;)