Friday, July 25, 2008

The weather can go f***k itself

When I think of global warming, I think of warmer weather. Am I wrong? Is it one of those things that are called on thing, but mean something totally different (Jay would know the technical term, but I don't so there), like driveway. Shouldn't it be called parkway, since you park on it?

Anyway, back to global warming. I know it's not good for the earth, but holy shit, I am cold a lot. I am. I really am. I could be OK with a warmer fall and winter, and deal with summers in the 90's. That is totally doable to me.

Can someone tell me then, why on July 22nd, I am wearing slipper socks, long pajama pants, and a totally awesome WSU grey hoody? Because in my mind, July = tank top and shorts, no socks. Not bundled up like it's the middle of the damn winter.

I am fucking freezing, folks, no joke.

We had our landlord turn off the pilot light in our gas fireplace, so I can't turn the heat back on. The thermostat says it is about 60 in the house, but it feels much colder.

I checked out the weather report for the coast, and it sucks. Four days of showers. FOUR FUCKING DAYS OF RAIN! How fair is that? It was in the 80's last week, in the 70's this week, but poof, this weekend it all goes to hell.

I have a huge bone to pick with Mother Nature.


Guilty Secret said...

Apparently global warming is responsible for it being too hot AND too cold... makes no sense to me!

Mighty Dyckerson said...

It's in the 70s, and you're complaining?? Geez granny, maybe you need to get off your ass and get your blood circulating again.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Its my first year without air conditioning. I'm dealing quite nicely with the rain and cool nights, thank you.

Crystal said...

you have two options here.

move to texas.
drink some wine.

random moments said...

I would gladly switch for a day wit you, warm you up here in Louisiana with 100+ temps. Nice when stepping out of cold office. Not nice when you are going back to office with sweat marks on your shirt from heat in car. :)

Beth said...

call that landlord woman, and get that fireplace blazing!!!!

I can stand heat...I LOVE heat...but I HATE being cold. It seems like you can never get warm.

fiwa said...

I surfed over from Corky's Log. Another Seattle blogger - yay!

It has been a strange summer, hasn't it? Let's give up calling it summer, since it's not except for yesterday and today, and call it bummer instead.