Thursday, July 17, 2008

A pick me up that I can pass me along

I was reading AJ's blog, and I happened to be writing a comment and noticed her friend had included her on a tag, so being the naturally curious person that I am, I hopped on over to check it out.

And it was so cute! So I'm doing it, even though AJ hasn't tagged me, and usually I think tagging is geeky and only do it occasionally. But who cares, just do it.

Rules for Ice Box Tag are as follows:
  1. Show a picture of the front of your ice box.
  2. Tell us at least one thing on it.
  3. Tell us one thing in it.
  4. Tag your friends.
Simple enough, eh?

So as you can see, my fridge front is a disaster. But the kids love playing with the magnets so the bottom half is messy. The top is full of vet info, pictures, and silly magnets. I also have my cute Baby-sitter notes that are easy to fill out whenever I abandon the children for an hour of quiet. I also have a funny, yet apparently inappropriate (Jay is such a prude), bumper sticker that I picked up at the beach last year. It reads "Sorry I missed church today, I was busy practicing witch craft and becoming a lesbian". I still say it is better than the other one that said "I'll have a double caf marijuana vodka latte to go". That seemed a tad more inappropriate, don't you think.

Inside you will find my new necessity. It is Odwalla's B Monster juice in the big jug. Oh man, I love this stuff. I have a hard time eating in the morning, so I have a small glass of this and some Wallaby Organic Vanilla Bean nonfat yogurt with raspberries and almonds and I am doing great. Plus, if I feel the need for something sweet, I just have a quick drink and I'm good. I think I'm going to make Popsicles with it next time. Yummy.

Since it's a rule that I must tag someone, I will, but if you don't do it, meh, no big deal. So Beth, um, Princess, and hmm, I should have a guy, shouldn't I? How about Birdman. I would have chosen Genius, but I have the funny feeling it would look something like mine.


AJ said...

I can't believe you already beat me to this! LOL How cute is your fridge?!

Jay said...

I would have focused on the errant body parts in the freezer, but then again that is more my passion than yours