Friday, July 18, 2008

I think I have a problem

Do you think we have enough cereal in the house? Because I think I need to head back to Trader Joe's or PCC Natural Market for more.

How did it get this out of hand? Why the need to buy cereal every time I go to the store? I can say that yesterday when I purchased 2 boxes, it was because the EnviroKids Organic cereal was on sale and they had a new flavor and one the kids absolutely love but don't carry at Trader Joe's. The rest, um, I have no excuse. I especially have no excuse for having 3 boxes of Gorilla Munch. Two of them are open even. WTH? I blame it on the kids, when I say it's breakfast time, they run into the pantry and grab the cereal they want and I just pour it. At least it's all pretty healthy for them. I don't like them having sugar cereals, especially first thing in the morning. I know, I know, some of you see this as a form of child abuse, but I just can't see starting the day with sugar. That is why they love going to other peoples houses, they always have sugar cereal.

You are dying to know what kind I have, right? Maybe not, but I'm going to tell you anyway.

From left to right:
Pumpkin flax granola, Shredded Spoonfuls, Puffins Cinnamon, Vanilla Almond Clusters, Trek Mix Granola Simply Almonds, Cashews, and Cranberries, Gorilla Munch, Gorilla Munch, Leapin' Lemurs, Koala Crisp, Gorilla Munch, Panda Puffs, Quaker Oats (not pictured because Mason is currently eating some: vanilla almond granola)

Phew. That is a crap load of cereal. All the green boxes are EnvirKids Organic, and taste much like their sugary cousins, but have barely if any sugar in them. Gorilla Munch is like Kix (which isn't that bad for you anyway), Panda Puffs is like Peanut Butter Cap'n Crunch, Leapin' Lemurs is like Vanilla Chocolate Coco Puffs, and Koala Crisp is like Coco Crispies. They think I am giving them crap, but really they are getting good cereal. A nice bowlful with whole organic milk, a glass of pure juice, and a vitamin every morning.

Peace! Have a great weekend. Enjoy the sun (hopefully). Eat cereal. Hell, come to my house and have some cereal. Bye!


Judy said...

OMG!! I'm out of control with shoes. Different strokes.. .the kids are lucky though. Growing up your poppa, he would mix all the cereals together if they were half full. I would think I was having a nice bowl of Captain Crunch and out pops puffed wheat, puffed rice and grape nuts (dirt nuts) along with the crunch. YUK.

Christie said...

Ugh, I remember that, too. I thought I was getting Grape Nuts, just grape nuts, but instead I got shredded wheat AND grape nuts. It was always safer to have Nanna make Malt-o-Meal.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I buy cereal and when I get home remember "Oh right... I don't really like cereal". You can have some of my Special K if you want. Er... the Special K cereal. My cat tranquilizers are mine and I'm not sharing!

captain corky said...

I didn't notice any Cornflakes on your list. What gives? ;)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

For chrissakes, just combine everything into one big box. Or just dump it all in a blender with some milk and make cereal soup.

Beth said...

um, need an intervention! That's ALOT of cereal! But I just love cereal...I eat it for supper all the time. And ya, why DO kids open every. single. box....regardless if there's an open box already? UUUGGHHHHH!!!!

Guilty Secret said...

It looks very neat!

We only have room for one box of porridge for Baddie and one box (usually fruit n fibre) for me.

Yeah, we have space issues in our kitchen.