Friday, July 11, 2008

Addictive personality? Who? Me?

How do I know my husband loves me more than any other woman out there?

I know he loves me the mostest because he got me Lego Indiana Jones.

To most of you, that seems lame-o. I must admit, it could be lame. If I wasn't freaking in love with all things Lego video game related. I spent a whole week parked out on our love seat, re-adjusting our living room so that it was parked smack ass in front of the t.v., coffee table between the love seat and t.v. so I could prop up my legs, playing Lego Star Wars. I didn't stop until I beat that fucking thing. Honest. Ask my hubby, ask the kids. They pretty much lived off cereal (in all fairness, my kids were very happy about this. They think cereal is the shit) and got to play whatever they wanted because mommy was not moving from the game.

I got up to pee and make more coffee, maybe, quick enough to cram something in my mouth. I would let Jay or Mason play with me every now and then, but not much.

Once I beat it, I was done. I walked away and never looked back. I play with Mason on occasion, but not much.

We eventually got Lego Star Wars 2, but I didn't care for it. It wasn't as fun as the original (much like the movies).

So when I saw that they were coming out with Lego Indiana Jones, I was so So SO excited! Like jumping around the room excited. Jay thought I had done gone lost my mind, I'm sure. I didn't think I would be able to play it any time soon, since it didn't come out for X-Box, just X-Box 360, which we don't have. Boo. I didn't realize it came out for the PC.

Then one night, Jay called me into the office, and he was playing it! HOLY FUCK, I WAS SO EXCITED! But I held it in, walked away, and waited until the next day, when I was all alone to start playing. Why? Because I knew without a doubt Jay would laugh at me, and I knew he was waiting for me to kick him out so I could play. And I just had to prove him wrong.

But the next day, I was in pure heaven. Oh, it is so fun! All the new things to do and find, the secret levels that are from Lego Star Wars. I just couldn't get enough, I played all day, only stopping to feed the kids and pee. I think they were hoping for a cereal marathon, but we were running low, and I just couldn't risk running out of that and having to go to the store.

As of today, I am 92.7% done with the game. Last night, I played as Young Indy and found the Ancient City, which are 2 secret levels you have to get so far into the game to find. I was in heaven I tell you. My goal today is to beat my time on Ancient City.

I'm now at the point where I give myself time limits to play. The first few days, I know I can just write off. I let myself play like a mad person for 2-3 days and then pull it back.

But I know that Jay knew this when he got it for me. He knew he wouldn't have a wife for a few days, knew that he wouldn't have any work clothes clean unless he did it himself, knew I wouldn't leave the house, knew he would come home to make dinner and clean up.

He knew all this, and still got me the game. And that is the reason he is going to get so very lucky.

After I have beaten the game, that is.


AJ said...

You are such a nerd ;-)

Jay said...

Hooray for nerd sex! I'll ready my protractor.