Friday, June 20, 2008

Ha Ha you suck

Just a reminder out there, people, I have total control over comments. And if you are stupid enough to leave an anonymous comment, I am going to reject it. Fucker.

I have not spoken with my friend. She did call me about 2 weeks ago, but I haven't gotten back to her. I am still upset. And I really don't think I'll be getting it over it anytime soon. If anonymous doesn't like it, then they can stop reading my blog. I don't really care. I am not a whiner, or "winer" as they called me, and even if I was, I think I had right to whine. Fuck, that "if you have time" list was atrociously long, and just plain stupid. As for life lessons, I guess I learned not to ever do humongous favors for friends because they will stomp all over your favor and make you regret it like mad.


Summer is kinda here in the Pacific Northwest. If you consider 55 degrees normal in June? We are at about 65-70 the last few days, but it has rained this week. What the fuck? What happened to global warming? Should I go spray down the air with some more aquanet? All I want is some sunny days with 70-80 degree weather. That's not a lot to ask for in summer, is it? I'm not requesting 90-100 degree days or anything, I just want so DRY warm weather. Who cares if it's warm outside if it's raining, too. I can't walk the dog or take him to the dog park in warm, rainy weather. The kids can't swim outside in the rain. I can't tan in the rain. And we can't do yard work in the rain (not that I truly care about this one, but I felt it necessary to say it since I don't like having a truly shitty looking house).

I have a new mole on my toe. I thought maybe I dropped a a pen on my toe and I scrubbed and scrubbed at it, but nope, it's there permanently. My Nanna has always told me they are beauty marks, and every time you get a new one, it means you are even more beautiful than before. Nanna lies a lot. But I always liked that story, so I tell it to Kenzie, too. And Miss Drama Queen loves to hear she is getting more beautiful. Anyway, it is a pretty cute beauty mark as far as they go. It is little and adds "character" and I'm not just saying that because I can't get rid of it, either.

Mason is here for the summer! YEAH!!!!!!! It is so nice to have my family complete again. He goes to his dad's once a month or so until August 24, which is when he goes back just in time for soccer practices and the start of school. But he is ours for the whole summer. Ours. He is adjusting pretty well. Getting used to the fact that after his week of complete laziness has ended, he will need to read and do other school work type stuff for an hour a day, and learn to adjust to just one hour of t.v. a day, and only 1 hour of computer/video games as well. He was shocked when I told him that. He asked me what he was supposed to do every day, and I told him we would be going to the library, zoo, aquarium, parks, walks, movies, not to mention playing in our own backyard and playing soccer. Kids today don't know what imagination is.

Did I just start a sentence with "kids today"? How old am I? Fuck.

I have been reading like crazy. I finished 3 books last week alone. Beth got me reading Emily Giffen, and I finished 2 of her books (Something Borrowed and Something Blue) and one this week (Baby Proof). I also am reading the Sophia Kinsella books, like Confessions of a Shopaholic. Those are pretty good. Maybe it's because I haven't read a lot this year, but I am just addicted to reading lately. I am a huge reader, and we go to the library at least once a week. I learned to read when I was 4 or 5, and I finished my first very large chapter book (Ramona the Pest) when I was one day. I read most of the Harry Potter books in a day each as well. Once I find a book that I like, I just cannot put it down. Maybe I have an addictive personality or something. Being part of Good Reads has helped because everyone can recommend books and I can see what else is out there. Before I was on there, I would have a book recommended to me every once in a while, but now I can log in and see new titles all the time. I also read through the library website and they had a list of 30 books that were recommended by other librarians. Once I took out all the smarty pants books (I stopped reading educational crap once I left college), I was left with about 20 books.

I want to let all you mommies in on a secret, and Corky, too, because he likes movies as well. Even kids movies. If you have Regal Cinemas in your town or surrounding towns, go to and check out their Free Family Fun Festival. It's just a bunch of free movies that show every Tuesday and Wednesday throughout the summer. We have been going for 3 years now, and the kids truly love it. We go every Wednesday, and I spend $10 for unlimited soda and popcorn that we all share. Or I smuggle in my own stuff instead of getting robbed blind by the candy counter. $5 for a large candy, please. $6.50 for a medium soda, really? It's insane.

In other big news, my mom and Bill broke up. He is stupid and a huge douche. He is listening to his 19 year old child, who requires undivided attention and an endless supply of cash from his wallet. She just got her first ever full time job but all her money goes to drugs so he still supports her.

I have to go shower. It is payday. Which means we are broke again. But it also means COSTCO day. Kenzie calls it "nummy sample store", which is too cute. Tonight we are going to see Kung Fu Panda, which we are all excited about.


Ev said...

dude that means i am one of the prettiest girls in the world!

you made my day!

Beth said...

good lord....ME TOO!!!!My left arm is covered in moles!!1 i guess that's the only thing beautiful about left arm!

i KNEW you would love Emily Giffin!!!!!! and the "shopaholic" books are hilarious!!! wish I could shop like that, ya know?

and screw those people who leave stupid/nasty comments......get a life people!!!

"kids today"......never EVER say that again! ;)

Lizzle said...

Wow, you aged yourself in this post and talked about developing new skin growths... Next thing you know your posts will be signed "Ol' Moley!"

Yeah, i wouldn't be in too big of a hurry to get back to chatting with your "friend" after that experience... And I use that term so very loosely. What a douche!

random moments said...

You have every right to take your time in "getting over" this ordeal with your friend. Friends should be sensitive to their friends and not try to take advantage of them. And its okay if you never get over it. I "broke up" with the same friend twice because she was so insensitive. The first time I explained how she came across, how it made me feel, and we didn't talk for 3 months. The second time I just waved goodbye. When your life is full, there's no energy for people like that. I Lordy I know your life is full!

Moles. I have em too. They ARE beauty marks! THEY ARE!!! :)

Toryssa said...

I wish my Nana told me moles make me prettier, mine told me they mean I have skin cancer... and so basically I'm riddled with it and should die any day. Nice.

I've been reading a lot, too. Nothing good, though, unfortunately. But my grandma gives me box after box of paperback thrillers. I've been going through one a day, just trying to get rid of them.

Crankyputz said...

Anon Comments are the worst,

Seems like you have a lot going on right now...

kristi said...

Man, I must be getting prettier by the day. I get more moles every year.

Piuta said...

Interesting to know.