Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And I'm back.....

Thank God! Honestly people, if someone offers you $1000 to spend 2 weeks in their house while watching their in-home daycare full of 10 kids, and their 2 kids after daycare is over, and still keep up with your own kids, run. Run like the wind in the other direction. But only after you spit on them and kick them in the crotch.

That was the worst and longest 2 weeks of my life. And I've been through 3 pregnancies in the hottest part of the summer. The only way that could have been worse is if Jay hadn't come down mid-way through the trip.

I missed Mother's Day and my wedding anniversary. I desperately missed my husband, home, and my daily routine. I missed drinking coffee without kids screaming. I missed my bed with my comfy pillows. I missed being able to leave the house whenever I wanted to. That was one of the hardest things for me; being trapped in the house all day. We are used to story hour at the library or just going to check out books, heading to the dog park a few times a week, or just heading to the hospital to have lunch with Jay. For 2 LONG LONG weeks, I was stuck in the house.

And to top it off, my friend and I are kind of on the outs because of this business. She is upset that I didn't do the list of 50 things she left for me to do in my "spare time", and I am upset that I was only paid for 10 hours of work, when I actually worked 11.5 hours a day. And because if she has more than 5 kids at the daycare, I am to be paid $15 an hour, not $10. That was her deal, something she came to me with when I worked regularly for her. And since she forgot to add my kids into the total, we were over the limit on kids a few times, and I had to send my kids to a neighbors house to play so that I wouldn't be over. I didn't add my kids into the total to be paid over $10 an hour either.

Before these 2 weeks of hell started, I got maybe 10 emails from her, each one with more directions and instructions for the daycare and kids. And each email had at least 2-3 things "extra" for me to do if I was bored. After the 10th email with tasks such as "My windowsills are filthy, so I left some q-tips and alcohol on the bathroom counter. I need you to clean out the sills in your spare time. I just don't have the time.". I read that and so wanted to tell her to fuck off at that point. But I finally bit the bullet and said abso-fucking-lutely no way. I explained to her that if she didn't have time to de-clutter her entertainment center or dog crate, or wash down her walls, or go through the daycare toys, and her own kids were older and could fend for themselves for the most part, what gave her the idea I would have any time, either. I mean, after all, my children cannot cook their own dinner or bathe themselves. After daycare was over at 6:00, I had to make dinner, work on homework, clean up the kitchen, bathe the kids, get clothes out for the next day and make sure everything was in order for daycare the following day. Then it was bedtime. She said she was sorry and didn't want me to feel like I was being taken advantage of (too late for that) but she just thought I may have some spare time and like to be helpful. I thought me putting my own life on hold and turning my back on my husband and kids for 2 weeks was favor enough, thank you.

So then I get an email from her saying that if I stay with her next time I'm in Portland, I need to work daycare for 4 hours per night I stay. I wanted to ask her if that meant she was going to pay me when her and her 3 kids stayed the night at my house. I thought we were friends, and I don't like keeping track of stuff like that. I don't like having to tally up that kind of crap. If I invite someone to stay with me, I don't expect them to owe me anything or ask them to take care of my house, too. Business is business. I am going to be mad that I was not paid for the hours I worked. I lost close to $300, which includes some of the money I spent on gas to get there and back. Not all the money I spent on gas, mind you, since I spent close to $200 for this work trip. And I am going to be mad that she expected me to pretty much straighten up her life and take care of her kids when I was already doing more than enough.

Anyways, I left last Thursday at 5:30 and I told her via email that she could email me about daycare stuff but we should just not speak personally for a few weeks. I need time and so does she. I'm hoping some of my anger will go away by then and I don't want to say anything I will regret later.

On my way home, I picked up Matt (my bro-in-law) and I dropped him off at the train station this morning. Since I've been home, we've been going constantly. I am exhausted, I truly am. I have been on the go, getting up pretty early and not stopping until bedtime for the last 2 1\2 weeks and I am sick to death of it. Today, the kids and I are going nowhere. Well, at least until I have to pick up Jay for the chiropractor at 4:30.

So enjoy your day. I am going to go lay on the couch for the next 7 hours. Peace.


Crystal said...

you have been freaking busy!

you need some relaxin! get that man of yours to rub you down or spank you with his horse whip.

Crankyputz said...

that sounds like a nightmare...what a mean friend...she can't possibly be your friend

Toryssa said...

Nightmare indeed. Your friend acts as if she were doing YOU the favor by letting you take over her life when she was on vacation. How nice of her, because really, it sounds like hers is the most glamorous life out there. That's annoying enough, but saying you have to work for her when you VISIT is just, well. She is a piece of work, yo.

Enjoy your time on the couch. You've earned it.xvb

A Little Bit of Joy said...

that is not a friend.. not at all. GRRR!!!

Beth said...

wait a minute here....YOU CALL THIS WOMAN YOUR FRIEND???!!!!! What is wrong with you woman??!! she is in no way, shape or form, your friend. no way. Friends do not charge to stay at their house???a dn um, cleaning HER windowsills with a freakin q-tip and alcohol??!!! WHO DOES THIS???

Wow...I am just flabbergasted by her. So you're not talking for a few weeks...I'd extend that to NEVER! What a bitch!

Come and stya with good old Ohio....I would never charge you or make you clean my filthy house...we'd jsut chill in the hot tub and drink!!!

Guilty Secret said...

Oh dear, you poor thing. What a pity she would damage your friendship like this by trying to squeeze so much out of you when you are doing her a favour. Ouch.

Nice idea giving it time.

Brooke said...

I'm sorry, I would have had to rip her a new one...that is INSANE!!!

Stay comfy on the couch, you deserve it!!!

Lizzle said...

Beth really took the words out of my mouth... This is not someone who I would regard as a friend, and as soon as there was mention of work in exchange for time staying at her home, I'd be all like, "OH HAELLL NAW! You have done lost your mind you crazy hooker monkey! We're never talking, and the only way that's going to change is when you realize just how much I did FOR YOU, and send me on a week long spas trip! EXPENSES PAID! Until that message comes, don't call... Like EVER."

Effortlessly Average said...

I'm surprised she didn't also ask you to paint the living room and pick up her dry cleaning. geez.

kristi said...

My sister has been babysitting and the lady pays well but she wants my sis to be her freaking maid. I would say OH HELL NO.