Monday, May 5, 2008

What the f**k is up with the weather, yo?

I am at a loss. I cannot understand the weather we have been having here in the Pacific Northwest. One minute, we are having a wind storm, the trees in my back yard are getting ready to take flight; and the next minute, it is sunny and 68 degrees. And then it starts snowing. Snow in April is just wrong.

Two weekends ago, I was driving home from Portland in snow. SNOW! A freaking blizzard. Thankfully, I own a 4 wheel drive SUV, so I was cool, but still. Who the hell gets snow in April? This isn't freaking Alaska, folks. This is Seattle fucking Washington.

And now it is sunny and beautiful, a nice 58 degrees at 9:15 in the morning. Go figure. Friday was gale force winds and raining like a bitch. As was Saturday, even though they forcasted weather in the 50's. And because it was supposed to be nicer, I wore canvas sandals and short sleeves to see Melissa's kids at the fair. Needless to say, the shows are trashed and I have cursed the weather forecasters and

I am hoping the worst has passed and we can start to enjoy the spring. Playing outside, taking the kids for walks or to play in the park, taking my dog to the dog park knowing I won't have to bathe him the minute we get home because he is black from dirt.

Tonight, Jay and I are going on a short cruise around Puget Sound for Cinco de Mayo. He arranged for the sitter all by himself, and pretty much is taking care of the details. Does anyone else have plans? Please tell me you are going to drink, because I can't.


Effortlessly Average said...

Oh please; you could always live here in southeast texas, where it's about to get as hot as the sun and as humid as Rosie O'Donnell's crotch.

Yoda said...

I thought Al Gore made a movie about this stuff.

How was the cruise???

Anonymous said...

I have to get caught up on everybody, just wanted to let you know I'm alive and missed you!

Brooke said...

I would raise holy hell if I saw snow in April or May...we are finally warmer but it is raining of course.