Thursday, May 8, 2008

I want him. And I want him now.

So I was looking on because I figured I didn't have enough life forms to take care, so I why not take on another one, right? Right. And I found Chester. Jay has already started calling him Chester the Molester because that is what EVERYONE thinks of when they hear the name Chester. Besides, I don't need a dog with a name that has CHEST in it. If we do keep him, his name will be Marley, because I just finished Marley and Me (and cried like a fucking baby through the last few chapters because I am the biggest weeny ever) and I love the name. I also love me some Bob Marley. It all works.

Chester/Marley is a beagle/dachshund mix. Doesn't he look like he would be huge. Well, he's not.

Look at those itty bitty legs. And by getting another one with itty bitty legs, it means I can stay in the small/shy dog area of the dog parks.

Marley, I mean, Chester is 2 and fully loaded with his stuff. I don't even have to whack his balls off. Charlie goes in for that, BTW, at the end of the month. He is going to hate me for awhile. He still hasn't fully forgiven me for the last vet encounter. And then in October, just after he's forgotten the ball whacking dilemma, he goes in for all his shots again. Poor thing can't catch a break.

It is not a for-sure thing with Chester though. The foster mom still hasn't called me back (bitch) and I haven't talked to my mom yet either. She was, a few months ago, going to buy us another Bichon for $450, so I'm hoping she'll be willing to get us a less expensive dog instead. The fact that we won't have to spend $65 a month to groom him is a huge thing for us. Charlie is pretty spendy.

Once we are contacted, we arrange to meet him on his turf and then have a 1 week trial at our house. It is then decided if Chester is were he needs to be and if we are a good fit for each other. I know the kids will fall in love with him. But the last hurdle comes in the form of my husband.

Jay is very pessimistic when it comes to Chester/Marley. He isn't that keen on the idea of being the part-owner of 2 rambunctious dogs. Hell, he wasn't that keen on our kids either. But like them and Charlie, I'm sure he'll take a liking to him and let him stay.

If not, I'll whine and cry and eventually get my way. Or I could be a grown-up about the whole thing and kick him into submission. Yeah, that may work.


Amanda said...

Christie- You are like my dog owner twin I swear. First off, I just finished Marley and Me on my trip back to MN. I cried like a baby on the airplane on the way home while I finished it. :( ANNNNND Aus and I love the name Marley except he wants to save it a for a human if we ever reproduce actual babies (he's conviced Izzy and Charlie are already humans). Annnnnnnnd...... how cute is Chester/Marley?!!!! I can't want to show Aus, he will insist you get him. I hope the whole foster thing goes well. It may take more than a week for him to adj (as Izzy it took a month before she actually became somewhat normal, that word is used loosely) I am so excited for you! :)

Guilty Secret said...

Oh my God he is so cute! I want him too! Now!

Princess in Galoshes said...

He totally looks like he could be a lab mix in that first pic... but then those stumpy legs, OMG! That's the cutest, stumpiest thing I've ever seen! I hope you get him.

Crystal said...

i just started that book. it makes people cry? like i don't have enough reasons to be depressed. i am going to stop reading it now.

congrats on the new dog! he is adorable!!!

Lizzle said...

WHAT A CUTIE!!! I thought he looked like a golden lab mix too, but then the full body shot with the stumpy legs totally threw me! I think Jay will get over the trepidation of adding another member to the family... I mean if that's the worry, perhaps there needs to be a talk about chopping off Jay's balls instead of Charlie's.