Monday, April 28, 2008

Someones Gotta Do the Good Deeds

My daughter, as most of you know, has gorgeous hair. Long, beautiful curls. The perfect honey-blond color. She has been growing it out since birth, only getting one trim in her 4 1/2 years, where I barely let them take 1/8 of an inch before begging them to stop.

Last Friday, we did what I have been dreading for a very long time.

We cut it.

(I must stop for a second to grieve the 11 inches of hair she has lost. One moment please.)

OK, I'm better now.

We took her to Lil' Klippers in Wallingford Center for the cut. It is a cute little shop that is just made for kids. She sat in a cute little car and played with My Little Ponies while Wendi chopped off in 2 sections 11 inches of hair. I had to have Jay take the pictures because I was too busy crying.

Kenzie did awesome, I must say. She was a little freaked out with the hair washing part (it was a regular salon bowl, but had a table for the kids to lay on instead of a chair). Jay had to hold her down while Wendi washed it. It was quickly over and then we were back in the chair, evening out the ends.

Even with cutting 11 inches off, her hair still comes to a little below her shoulders. I was amazed she still had so much hair left.

When it was all done, Wendi French braided the front part back, put in Kenzie's color choice of ribbons, and then put sparkles in her hair. Kenzie was more than over-joyed at this point. Then she got to pick out a sucker, stickers, and she even got a card for her first hair cut. Very exciting stuff for a 4 year old, you know.

Wendi very carefully put the ponytails of hair in a bag for us to ship to Locks of Love. This has always been the goal, to grow her hair long enough to donate to this awesome organization. My grandmother had breast cancer a few years ago and lost all her hair. When that happened, I knew what I must do with my daughters hair. And since Jay has been working at a children's hospital, and we often see little girls without hair due to illness, Kenzie has known for a long time what would happen with her hair when it was finally cut. If you ask her, she will tell you her hair is going to make a wig for a little girl that is bald so she can have pretty hair, too. Too sweet, really.

And her reward for being such a good girl and doing something that will benefit someone else was a trip next door to Trophy Cupcakes. Which has been featured on The Martha Stewart show, Bon Appetite Magazine, and in the Seattle P.I. many times. We didn't know this at the time, but we aren't surprised by it's celebrity status after eating their cupcakes. Jay had a Snickerdoodle cupcake, I had Vanilla Vanilla, Evan had Chocolate Chocolate, and Kenzie had Vanilla Chocolate. Jay ate his cupcake in 3 bites, and then eyed ours greedily. Kenzie quickly came in second then proceeded to eat part of mine. And Evan ate 3/4 of his before throwing in the towel. I believe Jay dreamed about Snickerdoodle cupcakes Friday night, too. And then asked to go back on Saturday. Luckily for us (or maybe unfortunately for us) they are about 4 blocks away from Kenzie's speech therapy office, which I go to once a week with her. I'm going to gain back all the weight I've lost, damnit.


Amanda said...

She's adorable and send me a cupcake, now, thank you. ;-)

Beth said...

ohmygod!!! I can't believe you CUT HER HAIR!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! I don't care if it was for some bald kid.....THAT HAIR WAS BEAUTIFUL!!!

but I will take a couple dozen of those cupcakes!!!!!

ps. She is still a cute little bug! the hair! the hair!!!

Crystal said...

If I get cancer, I want her hair!

Marcia said...

she's adorable, with or without hair.

I cut off 8 inches of mine on Friday!

And. Locks of Love is a great organization, but it's for kids with alopecia, not cancer. Just FYI.

Mighty Dyckerson said...

What a beautiful story. Your act of charity has inspired me. I'm going to let my pubes grow out and make a wig out of them for a cancer patient.

Yoda said...

You keep the hair, and I get the cupcakes!!

Anonymous said...

That is AWESOME. She is very brave and what a nice reason to grow her hair out. Will you do it again?

Guilty Secret said...

Aw, she looks so cute, still has beautiful hair *and* did an amazing good deed.

That was one well-earned cupcake :)

M-M-M-Mishy said...

God, my hair looks like shit. Can you come here and be my mom and take care of my hair for me?

Effortlessly Average said...

Look at her eyes in that last picture. Geez, how much crack do they stuff into those cupcakes?!

Effortlessly Average said...

Oh, and thanks for being the good one. I'm tired of shouldering all the burden for society myself.

Lizzle said...

Well, at least you know that the hair is going to a good cause and won't end up as a tangled rat's nest on Britney's head, or get dyed and become part of Amy Winehouse's crack hive!

She's adorable, and I'm glad that things went ok... I know that the first real haircut is always a toughie!

Princess in Galoshes said...

It was really generous of you to donate her hair, that's a really good lesson for her to learn. And it will grow back.

AND! I love cupcakes and cupcake shops. You are so lucky to have one so close by!

Anonymous said...

Aw, what a cute little girl. Bet mom took the cut much harder than daughter!

Stumble on your blog -- very nice indeed.