Friday, April 4, 2008

The Most Favoritist Part of Moving Out

Ok, so maybe this is totally shallow, but what gets me all hot and bothered about getting my own home, no, strike that, my own KITCHEN, is this....this beautiful, magnificent, awesomely grand....

5-in. Rachael Ray Coppertail East/West Knife: Granton Edge

Isn't that the most beautiful specimen ever? It is the perfect size for my hands, and my God, is feels wonderful against my bare hands.

I bought this knife before we moved and promised myself I would not use it until we moved into our own home. I also made sure to pack that bitch in the middle of a heavy box so I would not be tempted to rip it open and use it.

So when we got here, I was super excited to undo the kitchen stuff. If found the knife by the middle of the second day. It was on the bottom of some other heavy boxes so I had to go thru them first. Boo. But, when I did, I couldnt' wait to start cooking. We made tacos, so I got to see how sharp it was against tomatoes and lettuce. It just sliced thru like it was butter. Honest.

I am also excited about having our own space to play with the kids and let Charlie have his reign over the house. The kids love their rooms so much. Kenzie has a princess/butterfly room that is lavendar. It is very pretty and girly. Her castle is set up, along with her best Christmas present ever, the Disney Princess Kitchen most of you remember from my Christmas post. Toss in a t.v./VCR, and you've got a little girl that is happier than a 500 pound man at a chicken wing eating contest.

Mason and Evan have a blue Blue room. It is going to be done in a super hero/space theme. I really like their room. They have the big t.v. and a Playstation 2, which is also their dvd player. Mason has a loft bed with a built in desk underneath that his computer fits on perfectly. The closet is divided in 2, so they have a lower hanging bar and then 2 shelves each for their books and stuff.

The bathroom is smaller, but the owners added a new vanity and lots of shelves for our stuff. It also has a very cool shape above the fan. It's totally out of place, but Jay and I love it.

Our room is a work in progress. It used to be a garage, but was converted awhile ago. It has 4 closets, even though we only use 2 for us. The other 2 are being used as a cable/spider closet that has been screwed shut so nothing ever escapes and as an "apartment" for Charlie. His is cedar lined and big enough for his enormous crate that houses his 3 blankets, and his bin of extra toys, treats, and his own travel bag. Our closet is really one very long one with shelves on top of one bar and a set of drawers dividing them. I also have 3 other dressers in there for me, and a bookshelf that is over-flowing with books. (In all fairness, the 3 dressers can be explained away with a better excuse than "I'm a girl, duh". The first dresser is a huge dark wood masterpieces that houses my clothes. It has 9 drawers on top that are smaller, perfect sizes for all our girly stuff. The bottom 3 drawers are great for pants, sweatshirts, and pajama bottoms. Dresser number 2 only has 3 drawers on it which contain pajama tops and sweatshirts, and the top is where I keep stationary, extra candles, a box of mine and Jay's history (a picture box that contains airline tickets, concert ticket stubs, Magic Mountain Season Pass holder cards, etc.). The last dresser is very narrow and houses 3 drawers of knitting supplies, like books, needles, and yarn, one for scrap booking, and the bottom 2 for pillowcases.)

My camera is being a shit. Or I need knew batteries. I promise I will take pictures when I figure it out.


Crystal said...

Yay for new house! Yay for post!
Yay for knife!

I am jealous.

Yoda said...

Big knives like that scare me. I'm clumsy and I often drop my knives while chopping.

Did I tell you I was missing a toe?

Guilty Secret said...

I love saving something for when something good happens like this to make it doubly good :)


random moments said...

Oooo Christie, I think I'm in love. Is it weird if I ask J to get me one for our second anniversary? lol.

Its good to hear you guys are settling in and loving your new space. Happy days ahead! :)

Mighty Dyckerson said...

Go easy with that knife, O.J.

Amanda said...

Hi Christie! I am so excited for you! :-) I seriously would kill (not literally) for a knife like that.. I am totally jealous!

Beth said...

YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! I cannot wait to see pictures! I am SO happy for you...really. It sounds like Heaven!