Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick of the drama

Have you ever been to the point where you just wanted to scream


Yeah, I am so at that point right now.

We are moving, and that in itself is drama. You can't move without drama. You just can't. And if any of you have moved without anything dramatic happening, I hate you. I do. I really truly do.

The current tenant has not lived in the house for over a week, but has taken no real initiative to clean the house up. She has a lot of work to do to get the house up to the standard it was when she moved in. She had 2 huge dogs that tore to shit the backyard and ruined the back door and the French doors that were just installed 6 months ago. The landlords told her she needed to replace the back door because the current one has gouges from her dogs nails, and it needs to be just like the current one. She went and bought one without a window in it because it was cheaper and was pissed when the landlords said she needed to get a door with a window. She ruined it, she either replaced it with the correct one or it would come out of her deposit. She is also pissed that she has to replace the window in the shop because her brother-in-law shot it out with a bee-bee gun. Um, hello? Common sense would dictate she has to replace it.

Anyway, she is also pissed that we get new carpets and she didn't. But if you saw how horrible the carpets were, you would understand why they need to be replaced. You can see where the beds were, and see how nice the carpets were before she moved in. So she shouldn't be too mad. She is also mad that the landlords put down new beauty bark and planted flowers. But she moved in in the winter, that is spring stuff. She is also mad because the landlord is replacing the backyard fence. The reason they are replacing it now instead of when she lived there is because her 2 huge dogs would have ruined it. They saw no point in spending thousands of dollars on something they would have to replace again when she moved out.

I understand the tenant has until the 10th to get her shit together, but what the landlord has done thus far has nothing to do with inside. They just want to fix normal wear and tear stuff that doesn't affect her deposit.

UGH! I am just sick of it. I really am. I was told by the landlord we could paint Kenzie's room on Tuesday, which is great. We can also get the keys and move some stuff over. All of the rooms are being re-painted today and tomorrow, except the boys room (which we painted last Sunday) and Kenzie's. The carpets in the living room, which are just 6 months old, will be cleaned for the first time on Wednesday and then again on Thursday (they had cats, and because of Jay's ferocious allergies to cats, they want to be sure they get it really clean). The new carpets go in the bedrooms on Friday. We move in on Saturday.

The tenant is just pissed because she wants all her deposit back. Technically, she broke the terms of the lease when she got 2 dogs and failed to add them to her lease. Yes, the landlords knew about the dogs. BUT, neither of them changed the lease. She also moved her brother-in-law in without changing her lease. The landlords were unaware of this until they went over to see the inside of the house when the tenant gave her notice.

Again, UGH!

I am also having family drama. This is not the place to get into it. Those involved know what is going on. But I am just really upset with all the personal time I have taken to help someone and then it is just dismissed. My time, along with those people I contacted to help someone out, was wasted. And with everything else that is going on, I didn't really have the time to waste. I understand people have to do what they feel is best for them, even though I think they are wasting their time. But I did tell them I have washed my hands of it. I don't want to hear about the issues anymore because they have been having the same issues for over 10 years. Nothing has changed, nothing will ever change.

There I go again, working myself up over something I have no control over.

To make matters worse, I pulled a muscle in my back. I don't know how. I was just sitting in the car, when I felt this horrible pain. I kept moving my arm around to see what the problem was, but it just got worse. Jay rubbed it that night, and it seemed to feel better, but the next morning I woke up and it was worse. Jay went to rub it and it was like someone had jabbed me with a poker. Muscle relaxers aren't helping, and neither are my ever-faithful 222's. Now is not the time to be hurt.

Drama is my world right now.


Toryssa said...

Dude, SUCKS. I hate moving. And I hate drama. AND, I hate back pain.

Hope that it goes a lot smoother from RIGHT NOW.

Guilty Secret said...

Ouch. Moving is always stressful and you do not need family drama at times like that. Hope things sort themselves out soon!

random moments said...

Ugh. I try to avoid drama at all costs, but sometimes being a good listener and supporter attracts that stuff. So people come to you because of that. Which makes it so much harder to be a good person. *sigh*

Sometimes you do just need to wash your hands of it. Look out for the well being if #1. Hope that back gets better soon. And if you want I'll get that tenant moving, I know people. ;p