Monday, February 11, 2008

Movin' On Up!

I am such a PTA mom. You know, that person we all swore we would never be when we grew up. Everything I hated about those women, I have become. It's like I went through the mini-van mom's list and checked it all off.

  1. Get mini-van so that you can fit 3 car seats in at once
  2. Sell mini-van when 1 kid gets out of car seat, and the other 2 are in booster seats
  3. Buy plastic utensils, cups, and plates
  4. Stop caring when crayon, fries, pens, and milk stains the seats
  5. Learn to live on as little as 4 hours sleep and still function relatively well
  6. Attend PTA (I learned I HATE PTA, but it is a necessary thing to ensure a good school)
  7. Wear running shoes with everything. Everyday.
  8. Learn to live in your car
  9. Have a million and one phone numbers of pediatricians, dentists, speech therapists, school counselors, elementary schools, preschools, and a pizza parlor programmed into your cell phone, because you just never know what number you are going to need, and guaranteed if you don't have it programmed, you will need it.
  10. Think it is a wasted trip to the store if you only pick up 2 gallons of milk at a time
  11. Do so much laundry, you get used to buying more detergent, bleach, fabric softener, and dryer sheets EVERY TIME you go to Target for fear of running out. (Seriously, I have 3 full things of detergent and 2 fabric softeners not opened on the side of the washer right now)
  12. Talk more to your husband on the cell than you do in person because I am never at home during the day.
  13. Realize that you can get your kids to eat veggies if you lie. A lot.
  14. Trickery is the best way to get your kids to do anything.
  15. Learn to either ignore the urge to pee or only pee once a day because you just don't have the time to do so.
Seriously, guess how my day went so far.

  • Get kids dressed and fed by 9:30 so that I could get to dog groomers by 9:50
  • Drop Charlie off at groomers for a bath and nail trimming
  • Haul ass to Evan's school to register him for kindergarten, plus speak with registar of school and get a brief description of kindergarten program.
  • Get Kenzie to Speech Therapy by 11:00
  • While Kenzie is in speech, I called to set up accounts at Comcast, Seattle City Light, CleanSource Garbage Service, and change the address of bank accounts, and other services.
  • Head to Jay's work at noon to eat lunch in the hospital cafeteria
  • Get call during lunch that Charlie is done and ready to be picked up
  • Pick up Charlie, get more dog food, convince Charlie to get into the car and stop sniffing other dogs pee.
  • Head home
  • Start laundry the minute I hit the door
  • Let dog out to immediately get dirty and go pee
  • Start dinner for our family, plus folks, plus dinner guest
  • Give kids snack, convince them to rest for a half hour
  • Stop them from killing each other since a full size couch is apparently too small for a 4 and 5 year old to share.
  • Write this blog.
So, as you probably guessed, we got a house. We move in March 15, and I cannot express how excited I am. I miss my stuff, the kids miss their stuff, and Jay misses walking around the house naked.


random moments said...

Oh GOD I am tired just reading what you did today. Someone needs a nanny. Maybe for Valentine's Day? *wink wink*

My sister the hair stylist, with pink hair, nose ring, and 7 tattoos turned into the PTA mom. I think its just one of those things you can't avoid.

Amanda said...

I agree that exhausted me. Every time I start complaining in my head or outloud about how stressful my life is I need to come over and read this. I have nothing to complain about... yet. :-) Keep your head up, sounds like you are doing a wonderful job. Congrats on the house and the husband being able to walk around naked again!

Beth said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!! Goodbye Mom!!! See ya later!!!!

I am SOOOO happy for you to be in your own place, and that Jay can now walk around naked.

now go drink a cosmo and pretend we are having a girl's day!!

Guilty Secret said...

I am thinking I might put the whole pregnancy thing off a couple more years...

Mighty Dyckerson said...

You might want to switch to Costco. I hear you can buy detergent in 10 gallon drums.

Marcia said...

Congrats on the new house!


Your post today is entirely the reason I'm going to get an Au Pair.

Princess in Galoshes said...

OOOH! Congrats on the house! Very happy for you.

You should also know, you have just sealed the deal. I am not having children. Yours can be cute enough for the both of us.

TheBirdman33 said...

YEAH!!! I am so happy that you got a house and you are going to have your own space.

When I think I am "too busy to blog" I am going to have to remind myself what you go through every day lol

Lizzle said...

Congrats on the house!!

You certainly are one busy bee!!

I know it doesn't make you feel better, but I do most of those things and I DON'T have kids... I have the privilege of doing it for kids who belong to parents that the state deems unfit... And after all my hard work, those unfit parents get the kids back, (only to in all likelihood abuse and neglect them again). Do I sound a little bitter, because I swear, I'm totally not at all bitter.

Toryssa said...

My kid plays soccer, but I still have a great DISDAIN for the Soccer Mom's.

I might have to rethink my stance on PTA mom's though, as you seem alright.