Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The First Steps to Becoming a Man!

My 5 year old son, Evan Parker, has his first ever loose tooth! When did he get old enough to have loose teeth? When he looked at me and his Daddy last night and said something was wrong with his tooth, we just thought he had a tooth ache or something. He looked upset, so Jay touched it and was shocked to find it wiggled! He was like "Evan, dude, you have a loose tooth! Yeah!" and Evan looked stressed out. We had to explain the Tooth Fairy to him and then when he found out he gets money, he started smiling. Money makes it better, right.

My step-dad kept saying the Tooth Fairy was going to leave him $100 and we started laughing and said only if it happened when Poppa was around.

When Mason lost his firth tooth, he called me from school to tell me. He left it in his speech therapists room and it accidentally got knocked onto the floor or into the garbage can. He was so upset, but I explained that the Tooth Fairy would understand. Luckily, he lost another tooth the next day, and when the Tooth Fairy came, she paid up for both. I think he got $5 for both teeth. For the most part, we have paid him $2 for each tooth, which we still have in plastic snack bags in the top drawer of my dresser. Jay is totally grossed out by the thought of keeping the teeth, but I know my parents still have ours somewhere. It's just normal, isn't it.

Anyhoo, I don't care. I'm keeping them.

I know when Kenzie has her first loose tooth, she is going to freak the fuck out. She is the biggest drama queen, and has absolutely no pain tolerance (like her mommy). She cries for hours over a hang nail. No shit, hours. We are not looking forward to that at all.

But so far, Evan is pretty stoked over the loose tooth. He just got up and asked me why his tooth was still in his head. He apparently misunderstood us when we said the Tooth Fairy comes at night; he thought we meant she would come and take it out and he would wake up with one less tooth and money under his pillow. I had to re-explain that he has to loose it first and then it goes under the pillow to get cashed out.

So there my little boy sits, watching Disney Channel, one finger in his mouth, wiggling the hell out of his tooth, the other hand down his pants (just like Daddy and Al Bundy), probably with thoughts of what he is going to do with money. Ha Ha, Candy, here I come!

And for your enjoyment, I have added some pictures of the Boy of the Hour. He is just adorable. My mother-in-law once told me he looked just like his dad with enough of me to make him cute. I have to admit, it's kind of true.

In my belly, he was such a mover and shaker!

How could you not want to kiss those cheeks?

Toes! I love Toes!

Evan loved building with blocks so that he could immediately knock it over!

Look at that face! So innocent with a hint of mischief in his eyes.

Oh, I want another baby Evan! I don't want new babies, I just want my babies to be babies again! Don't you other mommies want that, too. To just have your toddlers or teenagers or tweens to be babies again, even if just for a day or two. I miss the smell of baby powder on their clean skin, or how their little fingers wrapped perfectly around my finger. Or how they would look at you like you were the most amazing thing when you were feeding them. Evan would just gaze at me and never look away the whole time he fed.

OK, I'm going to cry if I keep this up.

In other awesome news, my Momma started a blog. She is new to this and is still learning the ways of the blogosphere, but I know you will be super duper nice and check her out. I am very happy for her. I know it really helped me get some things out, so I am hoping she will have the same pleasure. Check her out! You know you want to!

Peace out!


Amanda said...

Christie- that last paragraph totally got me teary eyed. I want one.. well I don't... but I do. Hope Charlie holds me over for at least a few years. :-) Soooo cute. I used to twist my loose teeth just to gross my parents out.. truly disgusting by me.

Toryssa said...

My kid is eagerly awaiting the day that his teeth start to fall out. Me? Not so much. I think baby teeth are the epitome of sweet innocence. I will be sad to see them go.

Judy said...

Evan is such a good kid. He has to remind me several times that he has a loose tooth. Being nanna I must have a lot of influence over the tooth fairy. But maybe he feels that nanna is "old" so he has to keep reminding me just in case I forgot. Gotta love him!!

Crystal said...

OMG! your belly is so large and in charge! omg! how does it stretch like that? although you look very pretty, i am stupified.

i am officially terrified of having children.

but he is damn cute.

minijonb said...

the tooth fairy paid fifty cents back in my day... inflation is crazy!!!

Christie said...

Amanda: I wasn't sure about kids until I had one, then two, then BAM, three. They are incredible and proof that there is miracles.

Toryssa: I am sad to see his little toothies go. I am still getting over registering him for kindergarten. **Sigh**

Momma: I think he thinks you have influence, since Poppa told him he would get $100 for the tooth.

Crystal: Totally worth it, I promise. But I was amazed with how big my belly got with Evan. I didn't even get close to that with Mason (I only gained 16 pounds), and I think I was still too stretched out from him when I was prego with Kenzie.

Mini: You know, I never got more than a dollar per tooth. My friend gives their kid $4 a tooth. FOUR DOLLARS! No way, not when I am going to have to put braces on those teeth later! I've got to start saving now!

Beth said...

I think there is something with a boy named Evan...My Evan is an ornery cute little sucker too!!! And I want MY BAby Evan back too! Not new babies, just mine to be little again....but only for a day or two. I love my sleep.

Guilty Secret said...

He is such a beautiful little darling! No wonder you want him back small again...