Friday, January 18, 2008

5 pounds

Apparently, you can lose 5 pounds in one day if you don't eat and spend your day in the bathroom. That is 8 pounds total in about a week. Amazing. However, I will gain it all back when my period comes lurking around, so it isn't that big of a deal, I guess. I'm not being a downer, I'm speaking the truth, right ladies.

Thank you for all the kind wishes! Everything went fine. They didn't find anything huge, just few minor things that I will be going back in to discuss with him. I came home high on valium and promptly went to bed. Well, I guess we stopped at McDonald's first and I promptly wolfed down a small french fry order, then half of a Big n' Tasty before I passed out. Oh, and 2 egg rolls for dinner. But I don't remember, so they shouldn't count. Then I passed out for good. Today (yesterday as it is 4:11 in the morning right now) I laid around as I was still a little crampy. Jay stayed home to manage the children, along with my mother. I didn't have to do anything and it was lovely.

I watched Juno, and I loved loved loved it. I was quite glad Michael Cera (or is it Cena) wasn't in a lot of it because he is the same in every movie. Geeky and awkward. But he was good in this. Ellen Page is awesome. If I were to go gay, I would go gay for her. Drew Barrymore has been replaced. I've decided that Jay is the cheese to my macaroni, according to Juno. It was a movie that I would have watched again immediately if someone had wanted to watch it with me. My mom and Jay had gone to Trader Joe's to get some healthier food in the house and the kids were laying down, so I watched it all alone. I would love to watch it in a theater and see other people's responses to it. That makes movies fun, don't you think.

This Saturday, we are taking my mom out to dinner (my step-dad will be out of town) and then bringing her and the kids home, and Jay and I are then going to go see a movie. I think we are going to see National Treasure. He would love to see Cloverfield, and I could get on board with that, but he promised his brother he would see it with him. And I have no interest in any other movie out there. P.S. I Love You looks lame compared to the book, I think I would find myself critiquing it too much, plus Jay wouldn't step one toe inside that theater. The only way to get him to see a chick flick is if I lie and tell him there is boobs and bush. And I've used that lie too many times so he really doesn't believe me anymore.

Friday (today I guess) I am going to try and get back to a somewhat regular routine. Laundry needs to be done, beds need to be changed, the dog needs to get to the groomer. You know, upkeep. I need to get some sense of normal back in our lives. The kids have been running a muck the last 2 weeks and it shows. Evan actually came out of his room yesterday and said "I don't feel like cleaning my room" and proceeded to try and go upstairs. He had been sent to his room along with his sister to clean that disaster area 15 minutes before. They had done nothing to it at that point. I was like "Excuse me, what?" and when I saw him making a break for the stairs, I told him to promptly get his butt back to his room and clean it. He did finally, and it got cleaned up, finally. But they wouldn't have done that a few weeks ago. And poor Kenzie. She is such a momma's girl anyway. She has spent her days with me on the couch or in bed watching Food Network, not really leaving me. When we dropped her off at my grandparents house before my procedure, she clung to me and wouldn't let go. She screamed and cried for me to come back. It was so hard to leave her. She spent the first half of yesterday trying to get in bed with me, but Jay kept her out so I could rest.

I have set one goal for myself, and it is a very broad goal. I am going to live a much healthier lifestyle than what I have been living. We have been eating horribly since moving. Plus, I need to give up drinking and popping pills. I know I don't drink all the time, but when I do, I really do and that kills my stomach. And I take Tylenol PM every night to go to sleep. And 222's from Canada every day for other pain issues. Well, obviously, I stopped taking the PM medicine, since it is now 4:32 in the morning and I am up writing a blog. I need to do this, not just for me, but for my husband and kids. It's not fair to them to be bedridden for long periods of time when I am doing the damage to myself. So I may get cranky, I may not write very often for awhile, but I'm here. I don't want to take it out on you. Even though I know most of you like the rants. They are quite amusing when I go back and read them again.

Good night or good morning. Go watch Juno.


Marcia said...

I'm glad they didn't find anything huge wrong with you!

And. Juno is really really good. And I saw Cloverfield yesterday afternoon (a preview show, for free, which rocked... but... a preview show only 6 hours before the actual movie opened? I can't brag about it to anyone!) and Cloverfield was great, too. SO tense.

Amanda said...

Glad everything seems okay. I had major oral surgery a few years back. On the way home from the dentist's my exhusband and I stopped at Blockbuster to get movies that I could watch in my drugged state. I guess the gauze that was hold the drool/blood in had soaked through. As I wandered down the family video aisle a little kid actually took one look at me and started crying to his mom. Why you ask? I had blood/spit streaming down my chin and i didn't know it due to the novacaine. My ex took one look at me and told me to get in the car immediately before I gave any more children a fright. lol.. Random surgery story for ya. ;-)

Guilty Secret said...

Glad to hear all is well. Good luck with the new healthy lifestyle... a broad goal sounds good to me, cos if you feel like slacking a little in one area, you can make it up elsewhere, right?

Effortlessly Average said...

I'd be careful. You stop drinking and popping pills, you're just going to go right back to cock sucking. You know, the oral habits are the hardest to break, right?

Mighty Dyckerson said...

I've got a Big 'n Tasty for ya right my PANTS!!!!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Good thing you're giving up on Drew....she's been mine for YEARS! :)

And I'm also glad to hear you're making an effort to be better to yourself for your family. That's what I'm doing I'm right there beside ya!

random moments said...

I can't wait to watch Juno! I didn't realize it was out on DVD. Saw Cloverfield this weekend with J, pretty good once your eyes get used to the shaky camera. There were some parts that gave me severe anxiety, but otherwise good movie.

So glad you are okay! I think you are doing a great thing for yourself with this new start.

Beth said...

I'm so glad that there is nothing hugely wrong with you....little things we can handle. The big stuff? forget it.

and I wanna see Juno daughter said it's really good.

Feel better and curses to you for losing weight!! ;)

RevRee said...

I just wanted to say I hope you're feeling better and that I saw Cloverfield this last weekend!

I personaly LOVE, LOVE, LOVED it!

M-M-M-Mishy said...

I love love love Juno. But I'm the opposite. I love Michael Cera. Whether he's Pauly Bleeker or George Michael Bluth, he's just damn funny to me.

Feel better! 222s are fab, no?

Robot Zombie Vampire said...

Everything you lost was transferred to me... you know, sympathy weight.

captain corky said...

I'm glad you decided to be better to yourself. Feel free to pass along any unwanted Valium to your poor dear friend Corky. ;)

Brooke said...

I was SO looking forward to losing a ton of weight when I went through gastro-hell but apparently it was nuts to me because after the two day all liquid, all poop diet I was actually two pounds MORE than when I started.

Life can really suck in so many ways.

I saw Juno when it first came out at Christmas and LOVED it. I dragged about eight people with me and they were not sorry!

Bina said...

I LOVED Juno! I took the girls to watch it and surprisingly loved that movie. I would love to be like Juno!

Great movie!

Crystal said...

when i was in college, my friend who was quirky and fun introduced me to moldy peaches. i've tried playing the cd for other people and they always look at me like i am crazy and tell me that it sucks. when juno started and i heard that playing, i knew right away that i would love the movie. and i did.

i would also go lesbo for ellen page.