Friday, November 30, 2007

Let it snow let it snow let it snow!

Guess what?! IT SNOWED HERE! It didn't stick, but that's not the point. It snowed! HIPHIPHOORAY for snow!

----I love snow, can you tell----

Anyway, obviously since it is snowing, it is colder than a witches tit outside (where did that expression come from anyway). I'm not digging that part. I've never been a huge coat person, and since I have naturally curly hair, hats just make my hair flat on top and poofy on the bottom, which really isn't a good look for anyone. And gloves, don't even get me started on gloves. But I feel I have to put on this protective gear just to go outside to get the mail or else my extremities might get frost bite. Blue just isn't my color.

Luckily, if it does snow like a mother f@E*er up here (gotta watch the swearing, Santa is watching), I now have a 4-wheel drive Durango, so I can still drive around. Not that I will, but it's nice to have options, you know.

I made a Christmas Mix CD, and it starts off with The Waitresses' Christmas Wrapping song. I love that song. It is followed by my all-time favorite Christmas song, White Christmas sung by Bing Crosby. The kids have Mickey Mouse Christmas Carols, too, and I have last years Starbucks Christmas mix as well. And a local station is playing Christmas music 24/7 as well. We've also watched Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer, Santa Clause is Coming to Town, and Little Drummer Boy. I think we are going to watch White Christmas tonight. Oh, and the Hallmark channel had a their sappy Christmas moviethon this past weekend, and I watched almost all of them.

This weekend, while my mom and I head to the salon, my step-dad and husband are going to put up our outdoor lights and decorations. Because I don't like the cold, and outdoor work is man's work in my opinion. On Sunday, I think we are getting the tree? Or we are doing the indoor decorations and waiting on the tree until next weekend.

I am turning 31 next week, and I am having mixed feelings about it. I totally freaked out last year about 30. All I wanted to do was eat an entire Coldstone Creamery cake by myself in my room while I cried about being an old hag while watching Sex in the City. Since I had surgery the following day, I was still doped up on painkillers in bed half comatose and not truly able to function let alone realize I was old. Turning 31 is putting me INTO my 30's, if that makes sense. I'm not in my 30's yet. I'm just 30. But after next Wednesday, I'll be IN my 30's. Maybe it's a girl thing, because Jay has no problems with turning 30. I'm guessing 40 will hit him hard though. At least, I hope it does. Is that mean?

Anyway, I don't have much to report really. I just had to announce that it snowed, it's fuc.. I mean, freaking cold outside, and I'm heading into my 30's soon.


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Jesus Christ, you're old. I hope you have your affairs in order. And it's not too soon to start checking out assisted living facilities

I'll get you some adult diapers for Christmas.

Michelle said...

Ok, I am glad to know there is someone out there like me when it comes to birthdays. When I turned 36, I was pissed off because not only did it put me that much closer to 40 but I now had to check a different box under the AGE section on forms. I didn't want to change boxes. I was just fine in my 21-35 year old box.

Of course you can expect a whiny/bitchy/pissed off blog from me in January when I turn 37. Wait, aren't most of my blogs whiny/bitchy/pissed off?

Yoda said...

Who says turning 30 isn't scary for dudes? Its fukcing scary I tell you. I'm terrified to turn 29 next year and be only one yr close to the THREE-OH

Toryssa said...

Holy FUCK, it's been so damn cold. And I? Am NOT a fan of snow. Washington is supposed to be rainy, but mild. The weather man being all chipper about "It might get up to 40 today!" just pisses me off.

I just hung some lights on the outside of the house. If I had a man, I would have definitely delegated. It was slightly frightening and FREEZING.

I don't know about the witch's tit, but I wonder, too. Also, the shit eating grin saying. What does that even mean? I wouldn't be grinning had I just eaten some shit.

captain corky said...

I love that song by the Waitresses too. After reading your post I found them on You Tube and added it to one of my playlists.

Yes, I'm a big enough freak to have more than one playlist on You Tube. ;)

I think you're going to like your 30's. Mine have turned out to be amazing. Well, except for my fucking metabolism that is. My metabolism whishes I was still 20.

Beth said...

dyckerson can be so mean!!! ;)

My 30's weren't so bad....and I am well into my 40's now...not so bad either. Age aint nuthin but a number! I still feel like a teenager!

It snowed here long as I don't have to go out in it, I'm fine.

Ryan said...

Being 30 must suck. On the bright side you can finally appreciate that old 30 Something TV show.

The best Christmas song is o Holy Night sung by a choir of castrated boys.