Monday, October 8, 2007

Twice in one day

I went from not posting to posting 3 times in a few days. I'm on a roll.

As I said earlier, my plan for the day was to take my 2 youngest children to the Woodland Park Zoo. I actually managed to get us dressed and out the door in less than half an hour, and that included making a lunch for us. We had a fabulous time! We had the perfect fall day to experience a truly beautiful zoo.

Here are the kids walking down the paths.
Evan is such the model. The bears were super lazy. There are 2 of them passed out.
The kids had so much fun playing in the leaves.
My monkey with some monkeys.
Kenzie found a foxhole to play in. She looks so serious.

I am finally starting to like being in Seattle. I think today is the first day since we moved here that I have truly been happy that we made the move. Getting Jay back to the office and being alone with the kids makes my life seem normal again.

I promised the kids a trip to the Seattle Center tomorrow if the weather stays nice. They really want to see the Space Needle up close. They have no desire to go up in it, but to just see how big it really is.



Mighty Dyckerson said...

I got a "space needle" for you to climb right here. It's in my PANTS!!!

Toryssa said...

dyckerson is some funny shit sometimes.

I LOVE Kenzie's hair. I wish mine was just like it.

My son calls the space needle the knitting needle, and it cracks me up so much that I haven't corrected him.

You make me want to go to the zoo... I was just talking about Zoo Lights with someone today, you guys'll have to go back for it. It's fun, in a traditional Puget Sound family sort-of-way.

TheBirdman33 said...

that looks like good old fashioned fall fun
I'm jealous.

captain corky said...

It looks really nice and fun out there. Today was hot as balls. I'm so tired of Summer!

Marcia said...

I also love Kenzie's hair. My mom never let my hair get that long when I was younger (I've compensated by having my hair as long as possible for most of my adult life.), I'm jealous!

Yoda said...

Your kids look freakin' adorable!!

Its all rainy here today :-( We had some awesome weather the last week or so ... probably the last good days of the year :-((

Christie said...

Dyck: Oh, dear. Just the comment I need on a post about my kids.

Toryssa: I've never been to zoo lights at Woodland Park, just at Point Defiance and the Oregon Zoo. Since we have a zoo pass, I'll have to hit up that one this year.

Bird: As you should be, my friend.

Corky: You'll be changing your tune when your balls turn blue from the cold though, right.

Marcia: Her hair is beautiful, isn't it. People have actually asked for a lock of it for their hair dresser. Can you say psycho? Anyway, we are waiting until she is 5 to cut it so we can donate it to Locks of Love. I know I'm going to cry when they cut it, though.

Yoda: I hate seeing the nice weather go, too. I like fall when it's sunny and cool. Not rainy and dark.