Tuesday, August 14, 2007

She likes to talk and talk and talk and talk

Me: Kenzie love, you need to wake up.

Kenzie: Whyyyyyy????????

Me: Lovey, why are you in my bed again? Did you have another bad dream?

Kenzie: Yes, someone frew a coconut on my head and it hurt vewe badly. Did Daddy make my birfday cake?

Me: No, sweetie, it's Mason's birthday party today, not yours. Daddy made him a Dragon Ball Z ball cake. You want to see it?

Kenzie: NOOO! I want my Wonderwoman cake! Can I inbite Jack to my birfday party? Pwease? He has to be there. And Olivia. And Bren. And Odin. Who else is coming to my party tonight?

Me: Kenzie, honey, again, it is your brother's party tonight, not yours. Mason's, OK.

Kenzie: How old am I going to be on my birfday?

Me: Your birthday is September 26, remember. And you will be 4.

Kenzie: How old is Evan going to be on his birfday?

Me: Evan will be 5. And Mason will be 9 in a few days. But today is for Mason, not you.

Kenzie: Can I bring Jack to the party tonight? I need my friends at the birfday party, Mommy.

Me: No, lovey, you can't.....

Kenzie: Is Daddy making my Wonderwoman cake? And who is going to get the candles for my birfday cake? And bring the fire?

Me: What fire? Oh, who will light the candles? Well, Mommy or Daddy will light the candles for you because....

Kenzie: Are you going to make the imbitations? Jack needs an imbatation. And Bren. And Olivia. And Odin. And Nanna and Poppa. And Nanna and Poppa Great. And..

Me: Kenzie, can we just get through Mason's party tonight and then we will focus on yours, but Mommy cannot think about it right now, OK?

Kenzie: Are you going to love me forever? You won't get rid of your only daughter?

Me: Oh, honey, you know I'm going to love you forever and I would never get rid of you.

--------------For all you people thinking this has something to do with Mason, it doesn't. She's been doing this for a couple of months now. I have NO idea where it came from.-----------------

Kenzie: OK, so when can we get my party hats?

Me: Kenzie, listen to me, please. No look at me, I will give you huggies in a minute. It is Mason's party to...

Kenzie: What is that smell, Mommy?

Me: Mommy is making spaghetti sauce. Mason asked for it for his birthday dinner, remember. That is the tomatoes, garlic, and onions roasting.

Kenzie: I don't like onions or garwic or tomatoes. They are icky.

Me: I don't put them in your sauce, honey, just the grown-up sauce.

----------I am a liar. I roast the veggies, throw them in the food processor until they are pureed, then I thrown them in with the meat sauce. They have no idea, and always have a couple of helpings. Suckers!---------------------------------------------------------------------

Kenzie: I want hot dogs and macawoni and cheese for my birfday dinner. Can I have a chocowet cake and purple frosting?

Me: Honey, again, we are not discussing your birthday right now. But, your Wonderwoman cake will have red and yellow frosting just like the Wonderwoman symbol. OK, out of bed, lazybones. Hey, where are your panties? I know I put you to bed with panties on.

Kenzie: I don't know? I took them off.

Me: Well, where are they. They need to be in the dirty clothes so I can wash them.

Kenzie: I love you, Mommy. Can I have breakfast now. I want cake, please. Then I'll have cereal.

Me: The cake is for dessert. And so is the ice cream so don't ask. Go pick your cereal. But first, put some panties on, no one needs to see your stinky baby booty.

Kenzie: Can we send my imbatations today?

Me: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-----This is a very typical 5 minute conversation with Kenzie. It goes all over the place and always gets back to what is mostly on her mind. Like, today, is birthday parties. She could care less that today is Mason's, she just knows that hers is next in the chain. Tomorrow, she will remember that I said once we get past Mason's party, we'll start planning hers. She will bombard me with questions and people to add to her guest list until her party. -----------------


minijonb said...

sounds like Kenzie is going to be captain of her school's debate team when she gets older. =:-)

...and didn't Bill Cosby say it's OK to eat cake for breakfast? he did! bring on the cake!!!

Dyck!! said...
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Dyck!! said...

Where the hell is my imbitation and my vagina cake??!

Christie said...

minijonb: If you tell my daughter it is OK to eat cake for breakfast, I will hunt you down and kick you in the balls. I swear, I will.

Dyck: You can dress up as Wonder Woman, K! And you should ask Jay to make you a penis cake, he's the cake designer in the family, not me. I bet if you ask real nice, he'll do it for you. OK, well, maybe not.

Beth said...

ahhhh...Kenzie will one day rule the world..no doubt about it. and she DOES nned cake for breakfast!

I love your blog!!

The Sharkman on Discovery was AWESOME!! When he did that crap with the tiger shark....AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

Crankyputz said...

that's too cute...

blog Portland said...

First you have me cleaning bathrooms, now I'm baking dick cakes for someone just because they don't have one of their own?

Does anyone know the onomatopoeia for a whip cracking? "Wah-PISH!" maybe?

Christie said...

Beth: She already rules the house, that is the logical next step. Oh, and the threat I made to minjonb applies to you, too!

Crankyputz: She is adorable. It's really hard to stay mad at her.

BP: If you actually cleaned them regularly, there wouldn't be a need for spot cleaning the bathroom, now would there?

captain corky said...

"I don't like onions or garwic or tomatoes."

Neither does Captain Corky Kenzie, but I do love Ragu meat suace.

honkeie2 said...

Wow you kid talks alot more than mine. I wish I spoke in sentences and not in sponge bob and finding nemo.

random moments said...

This is adorable! I love how you captured her baby talk.

I want some pureed veggie spaghetti...

Christie said...

Corky: I am ashamed of you! Ragu?! Really?

Honkie2: She talks very well for a 3 year old, and a lot! I really try not to talk babyish to her.

Random: Thank you! And if you are ever in the Seattle area, we always have left over spaghetti sauce.

minijonb said...

cool... i'll make sure she knows cake is NOT a part of a complete breakfast, but's OK for parties. next time i'm in Portland there will be cake for everyone!!!

Gina said...

Ah, your daughter and my son have a birthday only four days apart! But, mine will be five this year.

And yes, the questions, the neverending questions... I found that I tend to turn into one of those "Mmm-hmmmm" people after a while, which makes me a very bad mommy.

M-M-M-Mishy said...

Wow... And I think my cactus demands a lot of attention from me. Babies are high maintence! I should probably go hug my parents, eh?

Ryan said...

I can't stop thinking about that Dragonball Z cake. My birthday is in December.

Dyck!! said...

Wait a minute..........

You...and McFatty...are MARRIED??! How come I never knew this??!! Geez honey, my condolences. If you ever need to escape for a while, head on over to my place. Same goes for you, Christie.

kelly said...

Oh man... Conversations with my daughter are totally heading that way. And it's all I can do to keep going with her in a conversation. It's cute... but whoa. It's also very tiring.
I totally want to see that Wonderwoman cake. I am SURE it would put my Diego cake to shame.

The Grunt said...

I don't even know the number of times that I've cried over not getting a Wonder Woman cake.

This is a funny story.

Christie said...

minijonb: Now there's a good boy! And after next month, it will Seattle!

Gina: My son, Evan, is the real question asker, and when you answer him, he ignores you and asks like 5 more times. Ignoring him does no good because he'll ask and ask and ask....

Mishy: She's 3 1/2 and I think higher maintenance then when she was 1 1/2. I never really appreciated my parents until I had kids, especially my daughter.

Christie said...

Ryan: Jay is THE shit when it comes to this stuff (I'm sure you've all seen the Superman cake he did for Evan, if not, SHAME ON YOU). And he'll do a lot of stuff for money.

Dyck: Really, where have you been? Is there really anyone that reads my blog other than Dyck that hasn't figured it out?

Kelly: I find tuning out through half the conversation works when she starts going on and on about Strawberry Shortcake or Barbie.

Grunt: Move to wherever we are, and I'm sure he would lovingly put a Wonder Woman cake together for you. For a price.

Jenny! said...

I didn't know you were married either!!! I thought you were married to Dyck and BP was your secret lover!

She is too cute...I like Ragu too! But I can do a mean sauce from scratch!