Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Let's start off with a little about ME

Since it is my blog, how about we start off with a little about me.

Here are 8 random things about me that you should all know, not for any particular reason, but just so you can say you know something about me.

K, here goes...

1. I detest doing laundry. It is a vile task, and is never-ending. Every time I turn around, there is more piled up.

2. I think George W. Bush is the biggest idiot ever. EVER. I am not a political person, but I was very deeply upset when he was re-elected.

3. I have technically been married twice, but I really don't consider my first marriage a "marriage". We were married less than 2 years, and even though we had a son, I never really considered him my husband.

4. My mother is my best friend, next to my husband, that is. I could barely stand her growing up, and we had a few years that we didn't talk at all, but now that I am a parent, I understand what she went through with us.

5. I have 2 dads, and no, they are not "partners". My mother was married to my biological father but divorced him when I was a few months old. Her next husband adopted me at 2 and he has been my "daddy" every since. I finally met my bio dad when I was 18 and now we keep in contact and he is another grandparent to my kiddos.

6. I envy all couples who plan their children and are excited about getting pregnant. All 3 of my children were "surprises" and even though we love them completely, and are happy we have them, there was none of the jumping up and down and calling everyone we know to brag that we were having a baby.

7. I firmly believe that if you cheat on your spouse, you do not love them, no matter what you say. If you truly loved them, why would you do something that you know will completely ruin the other person emotionally?

8. I love all music except country. I would much rather have Mike Tyson bite my ears off than have to sit and listen to it.

And now you can say you know a little bit about me. Aren't you lucky!

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Kelly said...

Yep. I think I'm am going to like this blog. (aka: you)
I HATE laundry. I used to blog about that all the time... but I stopped because I think it got old after about the 100th post.
And, ABSOLUTELY to your number 7. Ab.solutely!