Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Nothing too exciting........except Jill is having a baby, y'all! How exciting is it that one of my favorite bloggers is cooking up a mini Babers as we speak (type?). Go visit her, and buy some of her very pretty and awesome jewelery at Etsy!

I had swine flu and asthmatic bronchitis for Christmas, because sometimes Santa is a real prick.

I made one kind of Christmas cookie this year, and only on Christmas Day. Being sick and making food just doesn't go together, right. I highly doubt anyone wanted my swine flu germs all over their food.

Jay and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary. It was 8 years ago yesterday that he finally realized that he was madly deeply in love with the most awesome woman there is. Me. And so he told me.

Tomorrow, it will be 9 years since we did dirty deeds to each other after a raging party at his house. We were already very good friends, so it was just the next step, right. After openly dating for 2 days short of a year, he said those magic words, and that's all she wrote.

My children are very excited to be back at school. Well, Evan and Kenzie are, I haven't talked to Mason since he went back. Something tells me the 11 year old is NOT happy being back at school.

We took the kids to the Pacific Science Center over their 2 week break. They loved it, as did Jay, I spent my time plotting ways to get the f out of there. Science was the main class I ditched on a daily basis, so spending my day in a science themed place just went against the grain for me. Sure, it's neat and has lots of shiny things, but in the end, it's all science. I don't care about the how's and why's, I just care that it works.

Jay's best friend, McLean, is leaving in a few days for South America. He plans to backpack his way around down there for 6 months. The whole idea seems nutso to me, but then, I hate backpacks, nature, and big motherfucking spiders, all of which are included in the journey. He came, along with his gf, Nikki, and her 2 kids, to visit for a few days over New Year's. We drank (yes, even me) and played games. Mostly Kings, because that game rocks. If you want directions, let me know. It is super easy, promise, as most drinking games are. Something to do with liquor clouding your senses.



Ed Adams said...

I'm not good with Math, but 9 minus 8 equals awkward explaining to the kids when they are older.

Glad you are feeling better.

Christie said...

In our case, first comes friendship, then comes sex, THEN comes love, then comes kids in the baby carriage. Oh, and then comes marriage. We're rebels.

Jay Ferris said...

Science called, and told me that it thinks you suck too.

Jay Ferris said...

...but happy deediversary all the same!