Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Time to get off my ass

Now that I am feeling semi-human, it is time to start taking my life back. Which means, it's time for me to clean the house the right way (sweeping, mopping, cleaning the counters, and vacuuming are beyond my husband). And to get the kids the hell out of the house. Poor Mason, he's been here since Sunday and only left the house to go get Jay from the grocery store and to go to Evan and Kenzie's swimming lessons (nothing to report there, btw, Bubble Invader was a no show (THANK GOD) and Double Butt kept Chubs and Shamu on lockdown).

Unfortunately, we are not rolling in cash so taking them out and about has to be free. Which means we are heading to the library for free books.

On Friday, my husband is leaving town to go head to Corvallis to visit his friend for the weekend. His first weekend away in our 8/9 years together. I did leave last year for 2 weeks of hell taking care my ex-friends daycare, but I am still trying to forget that. So this means I have to figure out a way to entertain myself overnight so I don't get all scared and call the cops over every little sound.

I think I found the perfect solution. Twilight and Sex Drive on dvd. Hells yeah. No Jay to make fun of my Edward. Oh, and sleeping pills. Because I am such a weenie I will wake up over every noise unless I am drugged up.

On Saturday, I am ditching the dog at my moms, and heading to Portland to stay with Melissa and her kids. I get to meet her new boyfriend, and then we are taking all of the kids to see Monsters vs. Aliens. And then we are going to eat bad food and watch absolutely stupid girly movies. Jay will meet me at her house on Sunday, and we'll all drive home together.

Then on Tuesday, me and my brood are heading to Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands for a day with my cousin, Micah. He just told me there are 3 pods of whales in the area, so I am totally stoked. We have to leave around 7:30 in the morning to catch the ferry, and we'll get home around 7 that night. Which means, I need to pack breakfast to eat in the car, a picnic lunch, snacks, and dinner to eat in the car. I promised Jay I would spend zero money on the island for food, because it is pretty expensive up there. So I must make it all at home to keep it on the cheap. I may have to break that promise since they supposedly have a killer bakery.

I'm pretty sure I can get away with it if I bring back a delectable treat just for him. And give him sex. Because I can get away with murder if I give up sex.


Toryssa said...

I want to go to Friday Harbor on the ferry (I initially typed fairy... nice) and see WHALES! Jealous!

My house needs to be actually and seriously cleaned, too. I told Duncan about 'Spring Cleaning' the other day and he calls BULLSHIT. He thinks I'm just trying to con him into cleaning.

Christie said...

Jay still calls BULLSHIT whenever I mention Spring Cleaning, and he's a freaking adult.

You know, at some point, we need to meet. The fact I drive right through where you live twice monthly means it should happen.

Kelly said...

Sounds like so much fun! Punky and I are spending the night at a g/f house on Saturday too! So fun!

It's like I'm 13 really.

Sassy Blondie said...

That just made "Sex and Candy" run through my

Sounds like you have quite a time planned. I love whale's so relaxing. Drinking while whale watching melts me into a puddle.

Monkey Girl said...

You're a brave girl. I can't take my sleeping meds because then I feel I won't be attentive enough in case my kids need me.., I struggle every month with insomnia for 3 three nights while my hubby does his monthly business trip to l.a.. It's horrible and I'm a zombie by the time he returnnnns.

Kelly said...

Busy girl!

Even busier when you buy from the bakery and add Jay having his way with ya.

Christie said...

Kelly: It's always like we turn into 13 year olds when the kids go to bed. We even sleep with our security blankets. Mine is woobie and hers is pinky. We are such nerds. Hot nerds, of course.

Sassy: Too bad I'll have mini me's with me so I can't drink. Oh, and a bleeding ulcer. My life is so unfair.

Monkey: I've taken them for years, and still been able to hear the kids and help if they need it. My problem is going to sleep and staying that way. I'm a very light sleeper by nature. Drugs help.

Kelly: He acts all pissed and stuff, but I know he's excited about it.

Jay said...

Now the Internet knows further in advance than I do when I'll be getting laid. Rad.

Christie said...

Jay: You are so fond of pointing out how shitty your home life is on your space, I can point out our sex life on mine. So there. Yeah.

captain corky said...

Money is pretty tight for us too right now. Good thing my kid loves the fucking park.

Beth said...

you do the coolest things with your or not. WHALES???! that is awesome!!!

and my husband doesn't even know the WORDS spring cleaning....he thinks cuz he's a man he doesn't have to do the cleaning....ahhh, what did I get myself into here? ;)

and sex will win out over everything!

I'll never forget your birthday now! ;)