Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New year, new me?

So this New Year's was way worse than last New Year's. At least I drank last year, although it was at my mom's house with her now-ex boyfriend. And I was able to go to bed whenever I wanted. This year was spent with Jay's friends, at bars. And, for me, stone-cold sober.

Let's just say being the only sober one of the bunch is not fun. at. all. Do you know how stupid drunk people are? Probably not, because most of you are the drunk ones. Drunk people get lost a lot. Even when they are mere blocks from your house. And not only did I want to go home. right. this. fucking. instant. the whole night long, but I also managed to pass out. One minute I was saying I didn't feel that good, the next minute I am half laying, half sitting on the sidewalk. The only food to be found was a bag of salt and vinegar chips, which were just not that great. Then it was off to another bar, where I sat at the bar and watched the group have fun. I just so didn't want to be there.

But I made up for my lame evening by heading to Portland to have a quiet weekend with my oldest and dearest friend, Melissa. We had both finished with Twilight series and decided to go see the movie (lame, but I have now added Robert Pattinson to my list of "freebie fuck list") and have a quiet dinner. Our friend, Shannon, and her friend, Laura, also ended up joining us. I got to Mel's around 3:00 and had 1 1/2 hours to myself in her house. It was so very quiet. I decided to sit and relax while I read my book, but before I did that, I noticed a few things to clean up. As I went about cleaning, Mel called and when I told her what I was doing, she told me to stop that shit and relax for once. So I did.

And it was GLORIOUS.

Once she got home, we got ready to go out. We talked all through dinner and then headed to Lloyd Center mall. We were very early, so we got our snacks and sat in the theater waiting for Shannon and Laura to show up.

After the movie, we decided to go to Henry's Bar, where we went to the top floor and proceeded to order and appetizer and a round of drinks. I decided to drink that night when I saw Shannon's gingerbread martini. I had taken my pill earlier, and had eaten 3 meals that day, so I thought "Why not" and tossed one down. Then we headed across town to the bar right by Mel's house, where we proceeded to drink our night away and sing really bad karaoke songs. We also danced around the bar and I watched as Mel hit on the only acceptable guy in the bar. Let's call him Lego Guy. Can you guess why he is called Lego Guy? Because he is a 38 year old who is paid to build shit out of Lego's. Lego's. You know, those itty bitty blocks that hurt like a bitch when you step on them. Those things our kids eat and poop out. Anyway, Lego Guy thought a lot of himself, let me tell you. And he talked a lot about how loaded he was. But he drove a mini-van, people. But said he had a corvette at home. What guy is going to drive his mini-van to the bar if he has a corvette at home? I called his bullshit, and then we ditched him.

Once back at Mel's, we decided we should boogy our butts off for awhile. Then we all passed out by 4:00. And then woke up at 8:00 and decided a greasy breakfast was in order. So we piled in the car and headed to IHOP. It was kind of like old times, except Laura is new to me, and we only had Denny's in Shithalis.

After breakfast, Mel and I headed back to her house. While she took a bath, I played online. Then I took a bath and joined her in bed. We chatted for awhile, then read books, talked some more then took a nap. Her with Pinky and me with Wooby, just like in high school. Then we (mostly she) decided we needed to eat again, so we headed to The Cheesecake Factory for a light lunch (hehe). However, the wait was forever, so we wandered over to Nordstrom's where I bought new mascara.

After lunch, we headed back to her house to watch a movie and talk some more. I finally headed home around 4:30, and it snowed from Vancouver to Seattle.

Even with the snow, my weekend away was exactly what I needed. I needed my oldest friend more than I needed air to breath. Besides my husband, she knows me. She has been there since we were 11, and there is something to be said for those that have watched us grow up, through good times and bad, through bad hair and braces, through horrible boyfriends and break-up, marriages, divorces, children, and dating. I miss her so much of the time, and even though we chat a few times a week, it is not the same as having her right there with me. She even sent her kids with their dad this weekend so it could just be us. She just knew that I needed only her without any distractions. Yes, I know drinking like a teenager is a distraction, but it was a good one. And the alone time to talk about what is bothering me most was just what the doctor ordered.

I arrived home renewed and with a much better outlook on my life. I'm sure Jay and the children appreciate it.

Me and Mel, junior year, 1993

Me and Mel, senior year, 1995

Me and Mel now, 2009


Mighty Dyckerson said...

Wow, you used to be kinda hot! What the hell happened??

Toryssa said...

Dyck's a CUNT. You're still hot, yo.

I loved this post. I love old friends and the solidarity of having known someone forever... and having them still love you, even though they were there when you were 12 and horribly gawky, and when you were 15 and puked all over them the first time you got drunk, and when you were 19 and cried when you told her you were pregnant, and when you were 23 and divorced, and... that might be my story, but I get that BEST best friend that is so awesome it hurts. And I'm glad you have one, too!!

Jay said...

You owe me a drink!

Beth said...

WHAT????!!! BLONDE????REALLY????

wow.....I thought that was a picture of some models or something!! I like the dark hair much better. ;)

and Twilight....LOVE the books, but the movie sucked balls. but ya, I gotta add him to my list too! ;)

Ryan said...

Oh my god I miss the girls I went to High School with now.

random moments said...

I just flicked a booger on Dyck. I mean, I just told you yesterday you were smoking hot in your new profile pic and well, I'm always right. So there. Hmph.

This post really makes me miss my bestie. Mine lives about 6 hours away and she just knows me like your Mel knows you.

P.S. - I was blond in high school too. We are so parallel sometimes it freaks me out a little.

A road trip is in need. Thanks for the push hun!

captain corky said...

The dude's corvette was probably made out of Lego's. Having to hang out in a bar sober is a fate worse than death.

Sassy Blondie said...

I know what you mean about needing your oldest/dearest friends. The shared history and how great it feels to spend time with someone who really "gets" you is one the best feelings ever!

Glad you had a great time! Happy New Year!

PS-Lego Man=sad douchebag

Christian said...

I agree with Dyck. You used to be smokin'! What gives?

To all Christie's sycophantic minions: That's what we, in the commenting industry, call a "joke". It's obvious she's gorgeous.

Forgive me Christie, I haven't read all your shit, but can you please give me a link to a place in your blog that explains why you don't drink anymore?