Saturday, December 13, 2008

Baking Bonanza! Location: My house

Three posts in one week? I know, I'm as shocked as you. Don't get used to it, I promise, after the holidays, my social life goes straight to the shitter.

I have been a busy little bee this past week. Not only have I attended (and actually participated in, instead of doodling little silly faces on my financial report) a PTA meeting, a soccer board meeting/dinner (in which I was told I get to be in charge of our Kinderfest table, and was also notified that my silly little job of Program Coordinator starts, well, now; not in 4 months like I thought when I signed up), hosted a play date, worked in Evan's class teaching Reading Readiness to hyper active 5-6 year olds, and went to a birthday party for our neighbors daughter, but I have also become Julia Fucking Childs as well.

Yesterday, like I wrote earlier, I made Frango mints, peanut butter balls, 2 loaves of bread, AND cinnamon rolls. Today, all I've made is 2 batches of whoopee pies. But in my defense, my poor stand mixer is not large enough to make more than 1 batch at a time, so I had to bake off 1 batch (about 30 cookies), then make another. While those 60 cookies cooled, I started on the creamy filling (which tastes an awful lot like Oreo cream). Those are now iced and made into little sandwiches on my kitchen table.

Next up, cream cheese frosting (in red, green, and white), and sugar and gingerbread cookies (these will be put in the freezer until tomorrow when we are having friends over to decorate them). Then it's on to spritz cookies, toffee bars, more peanut butter balls, and maybe fudge.

I need to get baskets done and delivered this upcoming week. Jay is taking 2 baskets to work for his bosses, and we are also handing them out to a couple of our neighbors, Evan's teacher, and Amy's family. Then a few days before Christmas, I get to make most of them again to take to my relatives and my ex-husband and his wife. Good times, good times.

Since I am nice, and actually pretty proud of my goodies (no, Jay, not those goodies), I took pictures of the cinnamon rolls, whoopee pies, and Frango mints (the peanut butter balls are gone already (1 batch only made 15, and I took them to the birthday party last night)). So drool away, my friends. If you would like any recipes, let me know. I will try and send those off within a few days. Ciao!


Diane said...

Those all look AMAZING!

Jay said...

Thanks to this bounty, I now has the diabeetus.

Beth said...

oh DAY-UM!!!! Those whoopie pies look FANTASTIC!!!!! girl, you can BAKE!!!!!